1. I wore a Say You Will t-shirt to a Stevie concert once. But i got jumped in the bathroom for it : (

  2. What Fleetwood Mac shirt were you considering wearing to the concert?

  3. Did not have anything specific in mind I was gonna buy a new one I just saw more FM shirts than Stevie shirts

  4. [Cycle], Lean bulk thoughts, opinions and recommendation?

  5. Unless he’s sensitive to the AI effect of Primobolan and doesn’t want to crash his estrogen.

  6. DOMS is a sign of poor nutrition/recovery. 14 days in a row will do that especially if your diet is off

  7. getting a lot of cramps in my right thigh/leg

  8. Was researching where to pin, decided on thigh. Sat half an hour with a needle with test ready to shoot.

  9. It’s so funny because you’ll probably kick yourself for thinking so hard into it and freaking out whenever it barely feels like anything. Then virgin pip hits two days later lmao but you’re good

  10. For you shorter juicy boyz, what supplements do you take to keep your digestion smooth?

  11. Sorry I should’ve specified. The dbol will only be ran at the start for four-six weeks. I was considering doing 4 week kickstart. Then using 4 weeks towards the end to break through any plateaus.

  12. Kickstarting is for impatient people lol save it for the end to bust some plateaus

  13. Hi all, I could use some advice/perspective. I've been training and hoping to compete, but lately I've been burning out on training. Some days I don't look forward to it at all. I've competed twice before, in 2011, but now I have kids and work's been insane. How do you guys handle burnout on training? My routine is usually PPL in the afternoons, with morning (5AM) fasted cardio. It may be the weather, any thoughts?

  14. Take a week off. It might drive you insane but you can’t just force the square peg into the round hole. Sometimes you have to step back and try a new peg.

  15. Yeah, and my kid just got diagnosed with strep and he’s been clinging to me all day.

  16. Chill out with them and stay present this week man. Only one life to live.

  17. Can also carb cycle lower calorie density on rest days to give yourself a bit of a break in between training days

  18. Currently on push/legs/pull. I do construction for work and things have picked up these last few weeks, can’t remember the last time I wasn’t sore in at least one muscle group

  19. Telling you how much cum you would need to fill the Grand Canyon is too sensitive, but just fine to go over some cycles.

  20. Did anyone use DIM (diindolylmethane) supplement for estrogen prevention? Is it worth it or waste of money?

  21. As others have mentioned just reinforcing that you should slow the eccentric and and control concentric enough to stimulate glutes

  22. fasted BG is 120 upon waking but around 75-80 30 mins after waking up, then during the day it is around 65, any concerns for the 120? im currently taking berberine, ala and chromium pic

  23. Have you heard of the dawn phenomenon? Make sure you drink 12-16oz water and wait like 10-20min before checking it fasted.

  24. I actually haven’t heard of this before. Is it just a false high-reading of BG since you’re dehydrated in the AM?

  25. In the early hours of the morning, hormones, including cortisol and growth hormone, signal the liver to boost the production of glucose, which provides energy that helps you wake up. This triggers beta cells in the pancreas to release insulin in order to keep blood glucose levels in check.

  26. Sounds like you’re not even trying. Eating is often a chore on a bulk. And sleeping till noon is self sabotage. I get up between 5-7 most days and am eating around the clock to meet my goals.

  27. This. I also get up at the same time even on days off work to make sure I get my meals in on time. It’s a matter of if you really want to do the work or not.

  28. Supposedly nattokinase helps - I am taking it, but haven't gotten my bloodwork back yet to see.

  29. What's a way to make coffee taste good that doesn't involve dairy, sugar, or any of those sugar substitutes that cause cancer & heart attacks

  30. I started at a 3:2 ratio cuz I’m prone to low e2 sides. Some start at 1:1

  31. Have been doing PPLrPPL for 2 years and need a change...what would you guys recommend? Going back to bro split?

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