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  1. I don't get it, I mean can someone prove that other religions are not Mythologies? Every thing is written by a single person or someone else. Even the vastness of our literature and scriptures are enough to prove that this is not a mythology

  2. yahi The Hindu ka pseudo-secularism hai, few weeks back they edited praggnananda (chess player) picture by removing his tilak.

  3. out of context bate karke and exaggerate Krke kyu likh rahe ho, mostly log padhte ya dekhte nahi hai jo v padha yaha or video me dekha usi ko Maan liya.

  4. out of context waale aa gaye, usne khud hi kaha hai ki woh uss incident ko regret karta hai. ab bol

  5. he was qualified, well read, leader not politician and great soul. he never claimed to be superior and admitted his mistakes, his works and methods were easy to understand and go with even lower class of people of that time. put yourself in his place around 100 years back he was a human and no one can make all decisions and work right, he decided all those things you mentioned according to situations , no one can predict if few of them led to something not right.

  6. He was so "qualified" and "well read" that he decided to sleep naked with his grand niece.

  7. please don't write facts from internet and, you seem to be extremist.

  8. 1,2,5,7 👍, plus you are fit☀️. 6/10 for me. and if you are around 5'6" then 7/10?

  9. 7/10 for me, and I don't know if anyone one can look bad with well groomed beard it makes ur face look symmetrical, plus grow out ur hair Lil bit, and you will be around 8; and don't stick to one style change it when u like, like clean shaven, stubble, etc and with hairstyle too. I noticed in 5th pic u look similar to Pat Cummins.

  10. Do you watch PewDiePie, or The Time Teller on YouTube by chance ?

  11. you look very similar to mustafa_thebull_ahmed (Instagram), and ik PewDiePie but like in total I've watched 3-4videos.

  12. you look way younger than your age, plus pretty smile. Maybe you can try out other frames that suits your face, 8/10.

  13. me Kota me tha to ncert se kuch Banta nahi tha, to mene sirf last 2 year ke solutions padh ke gya tha cut to result 79%

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