AITA for being a picky eater at Friendsgiving?

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

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  1. This is local regulation with differences between countries, you should note which country and possibly which province/state/district you're talking.

  2. This comes with tons of caveats and in many cases will be untrue. At-will states for example do not apply, the forced time off will have to be several days not just one or two, etc.

  3. Yes that is very true. If you work too many hours in a given week you wouldn’t qualify. Like you wouldn’t be able to claim a day for something like an unpaid holiday.

  4. Oh man. This didn’t go the way I thought it was going to go.

  5. I will add that I was that guy. Girl was in a really bad relationship. I had a massive thing for her (never crossed any boundaries). I was there for her, encouraged her to break it off with they guy because he was a dick etc. and when she finally did I thought for sure I was a shoo-in, and I wasn’t. She stopped talking to me too. I felt betrayed and was hurt. But it took me a long time to realize that those feelings I had is because I supported her with ulterior motive and I got what I had coming too.

  6. It depends. Like compulsively? Probably boarding on abuse or signs towards some kind of controlling behavior.

  7. Oh whoops. I meant for my comment to be a reply to someone else’s. Didn’t think it would have gotten a response so fast!

  8. Tl;dr: Some people just really do not like to dance.

  9. My wife and I went to a Mexican wedding and after party and it was fucking wild. I don’t dance. And she kept insisting I go up and dance. I saw all the people just in the moment having a good time. And the music was really getting me pumped to get out of my comfort zone and I was like fuck it, let’s dance. And we got up there and started dancing and she tells me, “Not like that.” And I completely shut down and went and sit back down. Good luck getting me to dance ever again.

  10. God I hope this backfired on them and everyone quits. That would be fucking hilarious!

  11. Reminds me of the time I ordered fish ‘n’ chips at a coastal seafood restaurant in North Carolina and got fish ‘n’ literal potato chips (crisps for you UK folk).

  12. Meh. I showed up to job corps with bright red hair. They didn’t make me change it. Show with it like that and see if they enforce it.

  13. Well I mean, I'm Mexican I don't think the risk is higher in the US than in my own neighborhood

  14. I mean I’ve lived in Johannesburg, South Africa; Los Angeles, CA; Portland, Oregon; and St Louis, MO over my 40 years on this planet and have never been subjected to gun violence. Only guns I’ve ever seen are the ones on the range and the occasional open carry douche in the wild.

  15. Haha. Funny you should say that. I literally just won $30 on Mega Millions yesterday.

  16. Why the fuck shouldn’t someone quit for literally any reason they want, or no reason at all? You don’t owe anybody shit, and these employers fire employees on whim all the time.

  17. My thoughts exactly. I too am pro-union and have not had problems holding jobs down. But why the fuck should I be expected to put in a two weeks when my employer can let me go at a moments notice. Especially in a at-will state I can be let go for any reason at all.

  18. I wasn’t complaining about it. I was making a point that one ahold be able to quit at-will without feeling guilty since they can be let go fired at will without the company feeling guilty.

  19. Huh, your comment propelled me to 2199 then back to 1969 and again forward into now...

  20. Great news, humans died and didn't take everything with them!

  21. Right? When OP said they asked the host to get food I gasped. And than they were surprised the host got one thing?! Excuse you! The audacity

  22. Starting to think they rub people the wrong way. Just a matter of time before they start getting “bullied” out of this group too. OP YTA.

  23. I was eightish (early 90s) and my mother urgently woke me up early one Saturday morning and treated me for worms. Apparently one of my classmates got worms and all the parents in my class instructed were instructed to deworm their students. My mother dewormed my sister, my dad, and herself for good measure.

  24. Sorry I should have been more clear with my question: Is that the name of the band?

  25. Brazilian martial art that uses (invented) that kick (one hand on the floor while kicking).

  26. What’s the holup? Doesn’t everyone fuck their first cousins?

  27. lets go back to "asbestos dust" I would think OSHA and likely some other govt bureaus would like to know where the asbestos dust is coming from and why aren't you provided with full protective gear.

  28. Literally throw my shit in cruise control right at the speed limit have never been pulled over since doing that. I do that to prevent me from speeding since I’ve gotten far too many speeding tickets and they’re expensive af.

  29. I assume because most people who like their steak well done will tell you they don’t want to see blood in their steak, or they prefer their food all-the-way dead. It was a valid necessary point to make since thats typically what well done eaters are worried about/grossed out about.

  30. In America, liquid gasoline is used only in internal combustion engines (cars, motorcycles, generators). I've been alive for several decades and never encountered another object that uses gasoline as fuel. For this reason, there's no way to get confused. If someone said, "I want to get rid of my electric stove and go with gas instead", you wouldn't think they're referring to a gasoline stove. No one is using gasoline to cook burgers on the grill or to use as welding gas either.

  31. I bet Tim the Toolman Taylor would have a gasoline powered toothbrush. AR AR AR

  32. The amount of psychopathic redditors never ceases to amaze me lmao

  33. I don’t know if I’m just dumb or if I’m just fucking tired. But the question is a little ambiguous. “A crime”? Like any crime. These are all excessive punishments for something like speeding, even for repeat offenders.

  34. Mothers shaming C-Section moms saying they didn’t give birth because the child was surgically removed

  35. Also shaming other mothers for not breastfeeding. Or shaming mothers for breastfeeding in public.

  36. Blind that mfer in a cloud of carbon dioxide gas, run for the garage and huck a hammer at him while spilling a box of nails on the floor. Bonus points if you turn on the table saw and scare the shit outta him.

  37. Have you ever breathed in that shit. Fuck I had one go off in a van while I was driving it. I swear to god I was going to die from asphyxiation. Seriously a blast in the face I have no doubt would be effective in self defense.

  38. Breathing in straight CO2 is perhaps one of the most shocking pains I’ve ever experienced. Toured a whiskey distillery and they let us smell the fermentation vat directly.

  39. I’m a welder by trade. I’ve had to do some welding in tight spots, ones that had plenty of ventilation and still managed to feel the affects of the CO2 coming out of my weld nozzle.

  40. I've definitely never seen anyone say that one shouldn't eat Mexican food if one is not Mexican.

  41. Edit: leaving original comment below. I was misinformed on the situation. I admit I was just parroting what someone had told me years ago without even checking in to the story myself.

  42. They didn't spend "years", they went for a few days and stole the recipes without compensating the cooks they got the information from.

  43. Ah I admit I could be completely misinformed on the situation. This is just what I was told by others. Did I quick search on it. You’re definitely right. I appreciate the correction.

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