1. There's a Panda Express across the street if you wanna get really fucked up

  2. Your results are unclear because you didn’t indicate the type of vaginal community you have. Most people treat the ureaplasma if it’s causing symptoms with doxycycline. I treated it with 21 days of doxy and due to so many antibiotics I gave myself a never ending yeast problem that wouldn’t go away. All my tests were negative for all bacteria’s Including the infamous “co-infections”. If there’s no problem I personally wouldn’t treat it …. But I’m not a doctor

  3. I’ve only ever had reactions to seafood at home but never at restaurants. Allergy tests (skin & blood) show seafood allergy

  4. Try terconazole 7 day (0.4) but use it for 10 days and then once per week (0.8) for 6 months. That’s what I’ve been doing. You can get it on online doctor if ur in the USA

  5. I’m not sure. I got the test, and many other STI tests, because i have a new partner. Things are getting kinda serious between us so i decided to get tested. Before her, I was sexually active with both men and women and never had any kind of testing done.

  6. You get tested BEFORE a new partner not when it’s getting serious. And I had similar results on many HSV2 tests with a point value before 3.0 and even though it’s a low positive on each test, my doctors still tell me I have genital herpes. No signs. No symptoms. I don’t know. Maybe you have a false positive you should retest in a few months.

  7. ok narc like relax… maybe they were just waiting to have sex…

  8. If you actually knew how to read the person waited to test bc it was “getting serious” loser

  9. Brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. Btw I also feel discomfort at the smell of nuts & seafood around me.

  10. The number of kids is irrelevant. I come from a household with just one other sibling and I (oldest) was emotionally neglected and abused. I see households with 4+ siblings where they’re all happy. It’s all about the parent not the number of siblings you’ve got.

  11. Why are you okay with taking Paxlovid but so against getting vaccinated?

  12. Did not rebound but tested positive again a month after initial infection. Possibly a different variant?

  13. This was your fault. As someone who grew up with just one parent, no family support, etc I grew up to be just fine. If he’s a high school drop out and you allowed it chances are you didn’t do a good job ensuring he was socially and academically advancing. Also, no matter how bad the situation, a mom who speaks like that of her child is TRASH. I hope he grows up and abandons you.

  14. You can get your child’s college education funded and a house if you sue, but most importantly you’ll encourage awareness and prevent this from happening to other kids in the future. Call a personal injury attorney & keep all medical records.

  15. Thank you for the reply! Have you been able to find any relief? I saw your post with your ideal biome and I was green with envy, haha. I’m trying to get there!

  16. What helped me was clindamycin vaginally for 5 days. Oral garlic + ginger tablets. Garden of life probiotics.

  17. I’m a female in her 30s. As a kid, I would eat shellfish and sometimes got swollen lips. Mt family had no clue what food allergies were so they kept feeding it to me. Once I became an adult my reactions were more pronounced— even to cross contamination and indirect contact. However there were times there was NO reaction to direct contact. All this to say it’s hard to tell and this is just my experience. I visited allergists in NY who told me not to get close to shellfish and to reintroduce nuts in my diet (adult onset nut allergy). They want me to do a challenge bc my levels are low but I’m hesitant.

  18. As a teacher, please tell your school counselor. They will investigate it and this might not be happening just now to your younger siblings but you don’t know in the future

  19. I tried, but They can't help me as I'm not a citizen or in the country

  20. Sorry, you were scammed. IgG is not relevant to food reactions.

  21. I was not scammed. The test was igE. It was my Mistake writing it wrong.

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