1. I have some good ones I can dm you if you want

  2. I’d like to play as Landon Ricketts and the end of the game be the black water massacre

  3. John by a long shot, John was huge with muscle in Rdr1, and with training from Landon Ricketts he becomes the best gunslinger ever known, also he stopped an entire Mexican army basically single handedly, Arthur killed a police force not a entire Mexican Army, a fist fight is more close IMO but I would still take John

  4. Whenever I go to wapiti, I either get major stink eye or comments from the natives, even tho I am helping them and all.

  5. Bro he's a banana and bananas have peels have is this not obvious to you

  6. You are probably going to get mass downvoted for not sucking Arthur’s c*ck at all times.

  7. Dude in the wrong place, post this to the Dino-tracker website

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