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  1. I mean, I could reach a mil if I keep grinding? At about 300k currently. (Tygerz_designs)

  2. Dude dude dude. Agates along the Oregon coast!! They’re so fun to find and they can get huge

  3. Yes! That’s how we got into rockhounding. Now we’re just in the rabbit hole of places we want to go.

  4. Nah nah nah Christian’s are supposed to accept people how they are, not force them to do things before they come to church 🤦

  5. This Narnia verse comes to mind: "I have heard of those little scratches in the crust that you Topdwellers call mines. But that's where you get dead gold, dead silver, dead gems. Down in Bism we have them alive and growing. There I'll pick you bunches of rubies that you can eat and squeeze you a cupful of diamond juice. You won't care much about fingering the cold, dead treasures of your shallow mines after you have tasted the live ones in Bism."

  6. Beautiful quote, I love it. Carnelians are so characteristicly juicy looking, which feels like a weird way to describe it but it honestly fits lol.

  7. Certainly looks like a limb cast. Very cool! Polish the top/bottom and you'll see many more details of a very cool rock.

  8. Well thing is I’m an amateur rockhounder with no equipment whatsoever😭

  9. Most of that is probably not worth much. Most of rockhounding is not done for the material gain they do this because they love the rocks not the money. But more than likely yes he tossed these because they were not worth slabbing/polishing them compared to whatever else he had

  10. Yep I don’t rockhound for the money, was just wondering!

  11. You asked for ID on some of the most common rocks in OR, then asked what their 'price'/'worth' was.... Even if this is 1% of what you have, you didn't hit the lottery. Not the one your hoping for at least.

  12. Yep I realize that. Was just mentioning 1% because I’ll be posting a lot more different kinds of rocks. Never thought this was a lottery anyway

  13. Looks like a nice chert, but not necessarily petrified wood. Where is it from?

  14. Hmm, well I found it with a whole lot of other rocks dumped in a creek. I live in Oregon though so probably somewhere in Or

  15. very pretty chalcedony, however its pretty common, and would be very pretty polished. I love Oregon, so many beautiful agates and other great minerals. I say its a keeper, make a cab out of it

  16. Well I have a lot of this and probably gonna list it on EBay since I don’t really have room for it all. Found this in huge lot of different agates and such in a creek

  17. What are the chances that I lived in Washougal a few years ago!

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