1. Uhhh it 100% worked in world War 2 for the soviets. But back then military technology could only be improved so much. Artillery was only as good as your spotter/radio. Planes could only get so much faster or maneuverable, tanks could only add so much armor or bigger guns. People were still an absolute necessity, and the more you had the better. Now, unfortunately the individual soldier or squad isn't as important as combined arms tactics. Sure you can throw 10k men at a city but a few drones and Artillery guns can stop that WAY easier nowadays

  2. It only worked because already before the beginning of Operation Barbarossa the Wehrmacht was overextented (at least for the task at hand) and did not even plan with proper reserves.

  3. note for English-speaking readers: in German 'eventually' means 'perhaps/probably' and not 'in the end'. One of the 'interpreter's false friends'.

  4. In hindsight that remark actuall makes sense, though when i wrote my original comment i thought about the duration of "normal" sieges, not the chances of success.

  5. 93. I hope she lives to see the end of this war.

  6. I wonder how accurate this website is, based on their data russia shouldn't have any more tanks left

  7. These were active (on paper) russian tanks by February 2022. While it is a safe bet that virtually all of them have been wiped out since then Russia can still reactivate thousands more of progressively older tanks.

  8. Why is India not a permanent member then?

  9. The permanent seat is not something tied to being a nuclear power. When the seats were established only the USA had nuclear weapons, and its capabilities to deliver them were still extremely limited.

  10. When is the last time the UN ever successfully mediated a dispute between warring member states?

  11. Right today the grain export agreement between Russia and Ukraine was extented, the UN being one negotiation partner.

  12. Well, there are quite a few issues with that. The succession of the RF für the USSR isn´t undisputed, I´ve heard quite some debate about why the RF actually got the USSR seat in the UNSC, and Ukraine having just as much right to claim that seat. Also, keep in mind the soviet union was considerably larger than today´s RF, in any possible aspect. As I said, they are similar in many aspects, but I guess for Kazakhs, not to even speak of Ukrainians, they might have been part of the USSR, but they sure aren´t part of today´s RF. That´s quite the difference. Although I do admit that it doesn´t change anything for the Kurils.

  13. So Russia has almost returned to the "they shoot back?!?" days.

  14. I think a lot of governments are in shock over the amount of ordnance used in Ukraine.

  15. It's not so much insane, but infuriating because, ultimately, a big reason the civilized world can't have nice things is because of the Russians' Muscovians' age-old resentment and jealousy which inspire their associated fuckery.

  16. The biggest threat to Russia is not the US but the EU. Why? Because the US is far away from Moscow and having people that close by that have a better quality of life, more wealth, more freedom and happiness might make people in Russia ask questions. Therefore they waged massive genocidal wars in north-west Africa to create a shit ton of refugees to destabilise the EU, while in the meantime paying their trolls and agents in Europe to stir trouble with them. Instead of making the life's of their own citizens better, they decided to spent billions to fuck up the life's of millions more people. The fuck is wrong with them? No one should be allowed doing any business with them. They should not be allowed back into the western community until they become a civilised country. And this time civilised means becoming decent human beings, not open a fucking McDonald's...

  17. Not just asking questions. Many Russians simply leave, naturally the younger, better educated, more active ones.

  18. The biggest one: WW2 was co-started by Hitler and Stalin. They did not just sell military ressources to the Nazis, they attacked Poland which up to that point could have pulled off a similar defence to what Ukraine did in March 2022.

  19. That title is misleading, the US has been very adamant that it does NOT care about who sends what Fighter Jet to Ukraine, even F-16s. Only that they wont do it "right now".

  20. To be fair, PiS has mastered the art of doing the right thing in a wrong way, i for one was honestly curious how they screwed that one up.

  21. Wagner's relative success does not come from better organization, it comes from having gotten better equipment, as part of the political games within Putin's regime. Had the better organized (by russian standards) russian military gotten Russia's best equipment the overall success of Russia's forces in the last months would have been better.

  22. The US has a heartland from which it can still draw miracles. It has a concealed power base, but also doubts. In America, one finds catastrophic lapses of judgement, human frailty, and error. However, its the world's most dangerous nation when backed up against a wall.

  23. An ailing regional power like Russia couldn't even daydream about backing the USA against a wall. So we must do with the USA's tendency for catastrophic lapses of judgement.

  24. Question: Would it make sense to strategically lift all travel restrictions for a period of one month? Imagine the drain of young talent and internal chaos that could cause

  25. Installing the travel restrictions made hardly sense to begin with. There were scenes where people got stopped at the border, russian officials appeared and they ended up in Ukraine. Russia needs to bleed out whereever possible, if not literally then figuratively.

  26. Ostensibly the travel restrictions in question are from Russia, preventing people from leaving. That said, opening the borders on from the other side also isn't that simple. For example, I don't think that Moldova wants to deal with a large influx of Russian "civilians" at the moment.

  27. I very much understand that small countries would have a lot of difficulties dealing with such an influx, already from pure logistics. But when proponents of a travel ban in effect support a war policy of Putin something is going very wrong.

  28. A good side effect of western air defences is that Ukraine's arms industry is also protected.

  29. Warum hat er sich für Israelis entschieden? Es gab wortwörtlich mehr als 100 Alternativen

  30. So viele alternativen gabs es dann doch nicht. Westeuropäer oder US-Amerikaner hätten schnell als neo-kolonial gegolten, Chinesen oder Sowjets hätten vielleicht gleich einen Klassenkampf angezettelt, und Japan... war einfach indiskutabel.

  31. Putin Light can be just as dangerouse over time,. Many saw Putin in the beginning as someone who would bring Russia closer to the west, He fooled all of them. Navalny used to be involved with far right and neo-nazi groups, dont think you trust someone who have been in those groups and is a Russian who wants power

  32. Russian speaking Ukrainians still know Ukrainian language, culture or music.

  33. There are still ethnic russian Ukrainians who can't understand Ukrainian

  34. Those were new when my Grandfather was bombing North Korea in his B-29

  35. Just 5 more years and we are reaching Stalin era kit.

  36. Ceeding 1/3 of their initial 2022 conquests just to avoid an outright collapse could have been a hint already.

  37. Governmental policy under Xi is extremely reactive - They will only try to resolve obvious issues after they've gone from bad to worse to critical. Then Xi will announce that their ham-fisted emergency stopgap solutions were the plan all along.

  38. it makes you wonder what the Ukrainians could with 100 leopards spaced at 1km intervals and they all start moving forward at the same tiem with bradleys in the middle of them.

  39. It would be peak irony if they started playing Walkürenritt while moving against Wagner.

  40. If the west can break Russia they can easily get several oil producers currently roped off back to the table under better terms. Russia is propping up a lot of problems. Additionally any shock would be short lived. OPEC doesn't want to drive too many folks off oil for good.

  41. Oil projects are huge investments that take many years to get productive. And there are not that many untapped sources for, and those that are there are untapped for good reasons. Iran as an alternative became even more unlikely for supporting Russia, Venezuela is a failed state (in no small part thanks to Russa), and Ukraine at war.

  42. Without Russia, Venezuela would quickly turn around. Iran might be a very very different place in a year as well, things are teetering pretty severely there right now.

  43. Destroying a country is way easier than rebuilding it.

  44. There are only two armies in Europe with large scale war experience, and only one of them is good at it.

  45. There has likely been high attrition of the "proper soldiers" too, if you want to dignify those murderous mercenary scumbags with the term. Even if they try to stay out of the front lines, they still get targeted on the back lines by artillery, and goodly numbers of them have met unfortunate fates in their barracks at the hands of HIMARS.

  46. Since even Russia's actual army has lost hundreds of officers it is safe to assume that even the risk-averse core of Wagner has accumulated quite some losses by now.

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