1. the incels downvoting every comment that's contrary to their blackpilled narrative 😭

  2. So if a dude called you mommy while balls deep you wouldn't find it weird?

  3. all right as someone who gets off on being called daddy while fucking I'll say that I dont get off on the opposite. I've not met one girl who wants or gets off to be called "mommy" or mom by whomever their fucking, or ever. Maybe an analytical psychologist who's studied Freud could explain it better but it's a one way street in my experience.

  4. But it's the same thing in a sense you see where I'm coming from right?

  5. They're on different ends of the sub/dom spectrum though, far enough apart that I dont think you could soundly use argument by analogy to claim sufficient similarity to say what you're saying.

  6. I've forgotten more about QT than you've ever known, so blow me, it's a valid question. Sorry you got triggered.

  7. Hey man just wanted to reach out to say that I went through the exact same thing. Deathgrip May also be a factor but it’s most likely porn that’s messing with you psychologically.

  8. "Guys, we have to retreat now that the graffiti artists are saying to end the war, we took it a bit too far"

  9. I believe in God but I don't believe in His love or His grace. Still learning

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