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  1. If the baby is female, does she have a choice what happens to her body/life?

  2. We should start a go fund me for Elon to buy Twitter. It would blow up

  3. It wouldn’t work because GoFundMe would simply halt donations as they do with anything else against the left.

  4. It's not even interesting. This is the dumb shit dummies post in order to try and "connect the dots" that gets cheered on by idiots.

  5. She didn't meet up with Bolivian coup organizers, she literally just took a picture holding a flag with some Bolivian women who has expressed support for the new regime on social media,.

  6. Id say its the mags. My scorpion micro hates magpul mags. PSA AK-V mags work great tho. Just ordered 4 more Saturday as theyre on sale for $14.99

  7. Id say its the mags. My scorpion micro hates them. PSA AK-V mags work great tho. Just ordered 4 more Saturday as theyre on sale for $14.99

  8. Hey its FC with another installation of "Nobody gives a fuck about your lame ffl life"

  9. Then theres your answer. You can shoot .223 out of a 5.56 barrel but NOT the other way around. My Tavor is marked 5.56

  10. I carry a VP9 and sometimes a P30sk. I have a simple leather iwb for the P30 and doesnt print at all on me..the VP9 is more noticeable with just a tshirt for me.

  11. Just read that detectives think his gun (a Glock) JAMMED, bet this spineless coward of a fuckwad bought the cheap ones

  12. Shit. I hate when I cant tell if its sarcasm or not😂😂😂

  13. Out on bail by Friday. 1 yr jail with probation at 6 months. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

  14. Good luck. Been looking for one for awhile and nothing. Ive heard that canik tp9sfx and s&w 2.0 holsters fit but cant confirm.

  15. Well they say DD is about as good as Palmetto State, but these are just worth a lot more. That’s like a $1500 rifle.

  16. Idk...$500 for a cheap simple leather watchband looks like you got screwed😂

  17. Thats your brain on Joe Biden. You stay in Cali Ill stay here. Enjoy the communism

  18. Youre the baby who got all butthurt cause someone pointed out what a shithole your state is.

  19. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/mar/22/i-will-not-be-held-prisoner-the-trans-women-turned-back-at-ukraines-borders

  20. ya -> You Shouldnt ->Shouldn't

  21. Would this be the same state department that said Benghazi was because of an internet meme, and that there were only about 100 US citizens left in Afghanistan?

  22. She is a worthless candidate. Playing games, pretending to not have studied biology (a high school class along with a basic health class), not being able to define what a woman is (guess her husband gave birth to her children). It is so ridiculous. We are living in a time of the destruction of our constitution and country.

  23. Who the hell is he to "demand" anything? Old bastard doesnt even know where he is most of the time so I demand he be put in a senior care facility

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