1. This is a debt load to restructure their current debt. A letter of intent is a simple gesture of interest from a bank or in this case a credit union as the senior lender. This does not mean the company has secured the debt, there’s a lot of underwriting and lawyers that get involved at this point. Knowing the company has a ton of subsidiaries providing cash flow and assets spread throughout Canada and USA, securing these loans are not easy. Honestly this is a big make or break moment for the company and shareholders. If they don’t get this loan refi wrapped up, they have $12.2M in debt payments due this year, and the only other option to pay would be to dilute shareholders, signaling the banks aren’t behind them and something is fundamentally wrong

  2. the big buds weigh more than 2.83G so they won’t break them up. Buy higher weight like half an O and you’ll get buds that are 3.5Grams

  3. Not really tho, I see more smalls in halves and oz than small weights.

  4. Dang, what brands? I’ve had good luck with buckeye relief so I normally stick with their heavier bags unless otherwise noted. Sucks we have to shop around and guess and can’t see product before purchase

  5. I would email them this picture and ask for a refund. They did that for me and now I only go with butterfly effect pods.

  6. Banks and other lenders focus on EBITDA for the ability to repay their debt service requirements - if ebitda decreases you will see the banks pull back on the company, and if that happens growth will stall and something is fundamentally wrong with the company. Ebitda is a cash flow metric, amortization and depreciation are non cash expenses that take real dollars from profits but not from actual cash flow. Capex is straight cash out the door thus it’s not added back it’s subtracted out.

  7. It’s so unreal and sad to see the government continue to be bought by big pharma and tobacco/alcohol. How many signs are on our freeways that show “alcohol relate deaths” this year? Tons, how many say “weed deaths?” None. Our government doesn’t care for us as potheads so stay strong and get ready to vote in November.

  8. I was in there Friday and there was buckets catching water everywhere. Old crappy building with a flat roof

  9. Don’t buy they shake, they take all the rich trichomes out and then sell you the keef separate!

  10. Just got into this stock now it seems like I made a good call, randomly stumbled upon it researching the QTUM etf. Bought a hundred shares, hopefully they 3D print some money for us all!

  11. I think the real play with the subscription numbers is the immense amount of data they are collecting. Remember HITI sells its consumer data to other players; brand styles etc . So there’s monetary value there on top of the increase spend they mentioned when they moved stores to the model during test mode. Find the article in one of the other posts but I believe it was a fair increase in top line revenue. I would imagine this is part of the “better than expected” comment. Buy now!

  12. It’s a Black Friday deal, average down or a start a position now. It got banged up extra because of the Fed decision and Cana being down in general. Good company with solid fundamentals and cash flow. Slowly but surely it will recover

  13. So, I have some friends who’s family started a wealth management firm that is known for their activist investing. What they do at times is slowly accumulate shares until they get to a threshold around 5%. They use every strategy you can think to get the best price including shorting the stock. When they get there, they have intentions to either get a board seat to enact change, ultimately to drive up the share price. Many times, these activist investors will hold current board members accountable and:or seek the company to create shareholder value with a sale or a recapitalization. When the market finds out there’s normally a little pop (similar to today) and then a run up in price. Only time will tell if this happens but all we should know is the Sundial has accumulated a shit load of shares and they want to see their investment succeed.

  14. I put the rso in between two cbd Gummies and down the hatch they go. Works like a charm

  15. Not sure if you watch the news but haven’t seen anyone ever lose their home over a couple pot plants. No need to sneak at all as I’m guessing you have locks on the doors! And if you smoke pot then your house smells anyway. Not hard to do and as a guy who grew them in his yard in the summer, nobody cared. My neighbors were more interested to see “a real weed plant”.

  16. Hey man it’s really easy to grow some plants at home and you can buy all the stuff online and ship to your house. Watch some YouTube’s on home grow and it’s fun and rewarding consuming your own medicine. Laws for Ohio are lax and max fine is $250, if you get caught, and at the end of the day if a cop sees a disabled guy with two little plants in his house he’s not going to throw you in jail. It’s not worth the time to do the paperwork.

  17. Something has to give on the stock price at some point as they are trading lower than their enterprise value and at a 1x forward revenue. A ton of good in place now we have to wait for all of Raj’s acquisitions to start growing.

  18. I don’t know what the deal seeds are part to the plant, if you were careful you coulda plucked that seed and saved it and grew your own giant Robot plant.

  19. Anyone know Where does the state keep their tax dollars if you can’t put them in a bank. Or do they get some weird pass? If the money was made from MJ sales shouldn’t they be restricted?Just a stoned thought

  20. Right on! Great summary, i wish I had more free cash flow to buy more shares but I’ve added a dozen shares every two weeks for last 6 months and and have a nice stock pile building. I don’t see it as losing money (don’t lose if you don’t sell) I see it as buying at a discount; believe in the Village!

  21. Deprecation is tangible assets aging on a schedule, amortization similar but is made up of non tangible assets like goodwill. When they buy a company that’s a multiple of sales there’s always goodwill. Unless they slow the M&A train I don’t expect these non cash expenses to decrease. These are lumped back into adjusted EBITDA which you’ll hear companies talk to in terms of true cash flow

  22. Thanks for the response, and agree and understand that. The thing is usually when I look at a 10k I can understand where the goodwill comes from and what in terms of acquisition they are depreciating, by how much and why. I'm not an accountant and looking at HITI last 10k I can't put my finger on exactly what the 7M depreciation costs were and why..... if I knew this I could make an estimate on forward cash burn but feel I'm in dark right now. I want to believe this is aggressive and will therefore come down over time but can't say for sure....

  23. More acquisition, brick and mortar stores, equals more assets equals more depreciation. If I was a betting man (and by being a Hiti stock holder I think that makes me one by default), this won’t slow down.

  24. This stock is a gamble like all other stocks but in the current landscape of global companies there isn’t a single one like them. Combo of brick and mortar, manufacturing and distribution of accessories and a few US based online retailers. Fuck the price today, I hope it goes lower so I can continue to lower my average every month. A ton of noise on a macro level, US fed govt still have thumb up their asses, and competing on price in CA has the price compressed. If you want this to pop somehow out of nowhere without a major catalyst then sell me your shares please and let’s talk in 3-5 years.

  25. We don’t want a Booker and Schumer deal, they want to do this elaborate one sized fits all deal whereas we all know it doesn’t work that way; plus they want it to run through the FDA like a pharma drug vs the Mace bill which treats it like alcohol (state level).

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