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  1. ok me also starting today , kal hi streak tuti thi but now no more

  2. ok i kind of faced this , like u are sad and don't know the reason , and u want people to know that u are sad , this is kind of tought process going in your mind even tho u deny it , it is kind of same , first get out from ur comfort zone and socialize with your friends irl , trust me it doesn't sound like it will work but it will .

  3. i just entered 11th when i was in 10th , same condition , pre boards were coming and i realized i have wasted time till now , everything seems helpless , i start doubting myself , aur padhne bheta toh concentration power 0 hogayi thi realize hua , see if u wanna change something then u need to first see how mess up u are like where is your time going , u will think u don't have enough time but if u hold account on how much time u spend then u will be surprised how much time u are wasting in a day .

  4. soldier don't worry i found it after filtering all internet

  5. just ignore or just say louder -don't do it , it works . it depends how big is their group , u can just talk to parents , u think first that u will get more bullied that u are a snitch or something for calling parents , but do it . They will next time think before they bully you .They bully u because they wanna look cool infront of others , like they are like - ok see now i will do this and he gonna get offended and once u give reaction to their activity they will do it more , so if they do either just tell them loudly don't do it , if they still do it then go to teacher .

  6. done sir , i sinserly apologize , i got distracted for a second

  7. who are those dancing in the start of video , can u give me template

  8. bro how u do this zoom out effect or telll me wat is it called

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