1. Ever wonder why they put purple in the nsme but the buds not purple 🤔

  2. I got a batch from at least a year ago that was purple. I loved it. Seems like they stopped selling it then brought it back and now it isnt purple anymore

  3. I like the cut of your jib. Your verbiage is effortless, unique and thought provoking. Big fan of ancient roots here, too. Dayton area. Hit me up!

  4. Could anyone with metrc access check to see if this is actually only made with those two strains? I see they changed the ingredients list to specify that this one is actually strain specific

  5. I've always wondered where the expression hands down originated from & what it truly implies.

  6. My understanding is it comes from horse racing. If a jockey lowers the reins he has a huge lead, and its no contest.

  7. This wasnt pressed. Their "solventless" claim is in reference to hydrocarbon solvents, like butane or propane. They consider co2 solventless for whatever reason, even though both the supercritical co2 and the ethanol winterization afterward (performed on the crude that is made by the co2 extraction) are solvents in my book. Check out this video for a better walkthru -

  8. I don't see anything that indicates they used live rosin on the tag, only on the front of the container. Maybe they werent paying enough attention to the labeling, or maybe they are able to label it this way because of the terminology not being codified in the regulations. But on the back it says "SHO" which is solventless hash oil, and this stuff maybe technically qualifies, but i dont think it should.

  9. Im in Ohio and have had a good amount of OH galenas stuff, but never the stuff from michigan. Looks like apothecare has 6 gram artifact jars for 60. I wonder if they are actually 5.66 like Ohios. Ive seen artifact jars here for close to the same price

  10. Ohio former card holder here. Prices have come down a ways. Looking at Harvest's menu halves are 100-200, live rosin grams for 70, live resin .84g containers for around 50.

  11. What shop had the humblebee in Monroe? I was up there back in September but I didn't see that brand at many places. Thanks!

  12. I got the same strains from quality roots last weekend

  13. But here’s the thing that gets me… my six dollar banger looks brand new after every single dab..

  14. What this says to me is that flower rosin is less compatible with enails because of excess fats/lipids and plant matter in the end product. I would, as an experiment, press some flower rosin with a low micron bag (90 or less) and see if that has the same effect on the banger to confirm my theory

  15. It could be that I’m not using micron bags. I’m definitely not getting the highest quality rosin I should. You can see what kind of wax I press on my profile... still bright and good, but has a sticky almost shatter like consistency ( what they call hair straightener wax)

  16. Are you rehydrating your flower before pressing? And ive got some 50 or 75 micron bags, i could send you a couple if you wanted to give them a shot

  17. Can you post a picture? And are you asking about how you can get a refund, or how you can get the carts to work?

  18. Yeah i love mine. I got the buy one get one free 4/20 deal. Easy to clean, durable, great hits, nice carrying case, fast heat up, great battery life. Just wondering if theyll ever follow through on the dry herb functionality of it.

  19. I made the assumption that a game that is available for preorder would be released within a reasonably short time span. I bought the switch as my first console in 20 years. Also I have been getting updated release date emails, so it did have a projected release date at the time of order

  20. I know development was restarted and everything but it's amazing we haven't even seen a screenshot of mp4.

  21. Yeah I definitely wasn't expecting to wait 7 years (as of the latest estimate)

  22. This is just a guess, but the oil needs to be heated to flow. If it contacts a cold surface it gets much thicker. Maybe the cartridges were cold when filled, and the oil got thick too quickly and the bubbles didn't rise to the top?

  23. Does gmo stand for something? (Thats not genetically modified organism?)

  24. The supreme diesel one was light on terps, but I won’t give up on them too quickly 🤷‍♂️ Anyone know if the cbd is added in or natural?

  25. It will say on the ingredient list if cbd isolate was added

  26. I got the headband x dosidos LR cart and it is also fire. Also the blueberry race fuel disposable is great, not as good as the headband x dosidos though

  27. I got one of these and condensation built up on the inside coming from the screw holes in the back and got all my jars wet. It made puddles. I only ended up using it for a couple weeks before i switched it out for a more expensive one.

  28. I’m heard from two ppl that this product sucks. Tasted like bad trim

  29. Yeah im pretty sure they posted a picture of it on social media then took it down because everyone in the comments said it looks like shit

  30. Its because buckeye does make 100% live resin carts also, like this one. This one is not distillate infused. Look at the packaging

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