1. Wow I thought this was a thing of butter at first 😳

  2. That rare beauty set is amazing, all of the colors are so pretty and blend so well!! The CT lip liners are my holy grail, and the pinkgasm is totally worth the hype. Great haul!!

  3. Laneige Water Bank in the cream formulation. It’s amazing. Also seconding ICE by Sunday Riley!

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss. Grief sucks and it feels so overwhelming and consuming and awful. It never truly goes away. But it does get easier to live with. I hope someday that these boxes and items bring you joy and happy memories. But right now it’s completely understandable to feel like this. Please do what you need to take care of yourself!

  5. This happened to me before, there was an issue with my address. once I contacted OnTrac it got sorted and my package made it to me no problem. I think I emailed them or filled out their online contact form, but I don’t really remember

  6. Seriously, it smelled nothing like the description! And it burns so fast and so unevenly. At least the jar is cute

  7. I will renew for sure, but with the holidays coming up, I can’t really shell out $200 atm. I’m up for renewal in the summer and choosing sacrifice the extra $$ to wait until then haha

  8. I’m picking the sherpa hoodie and adding on the nudestix case. I looove cozy stuff and I’ve needed a good travel makeup case for a while.

  9. Are you sure it wasn’t the Boxy Shop? What did you buy?

  10. If you redeem points now, the item will ship with next month’s Glam Bag

  11. I would so love to receive the Tresluce Beauty eyeshadow palette and highlighter palette, so I'll definitely be making my spot next week (in time for choice).

  12. I have the eyeshadow palette and love it! It’s very pretty

  13. None of this stuff is interesting to me. Plus there’s way too much overlap with things I already have. Thanks for helping me save money, Ipsy lol

  14. I’ve only tried the Wishful honey balm and do not recommend it. It has a super strong lavender fragrance and left my skin with a burning sensation 😬

  15. omg the price 💀 they’re really branching out!!

  16. I’m so glad the Rose Inc is a blush and not a headband or something 😍 I’ve been wanting to try their blushes so bad!!! So excited for mine!!!

  17. Musc Invisible by Juliette Has a Gun is really lovely

  18. Honestly it could be any one of them. A lot of MLMs use vague posts like these to recruit people. Does she have any links on her profile? Those might help you find out what she’s selling

  19. Glad I canceled Base, the Ace Beaute palette is cute but omg so many repeats… it’s absolutely not worth nearly $30. Premium has been better but not by much. Ipsy really bought Boxy and is absolutely tanking it 😔

  20. That drink reminds me of The Rugrats but I don’t know why

  21. Bellepierre setting powder, Laruce angled brush, Tatcha indigo overnight cream, and Complex Culture lip balm

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