1. Emo dude wouldn't got his shit rocked so bad if he didn't throw the first punch. And she's lucky she didn't get dropped after trying to jump in like that.

  2. Lol typical mentality ^ they were minding their business too!! 🤣

  3. That quote is like a month or 2 old, he said this back during the Rudy trade. They’re just posting it again to get a reaction and shit on KAT

  4. He gets basketball hate. Shooting 4 shots in a playoff game when you say you’re one of the greatest talents the league has ever seen and you let your team blow a 25+ point lead is just not a good look. Imagine if LeBron, Durant, Curry, Doncic, Jokic, etc did that.. and this guy wants to be considered in the same conversation. Well then let’s see it and stop talking about it

  5. He was getting unfairly shit on long before the playoffs last year. I hear you. But this dates back well before then.

  6. Right? And the “disrespectful manager” part somehow justifies the animalistic behavior

  7. That one friend who takes too long to snap the photo at the party

  8. Extremely offensive. My American friends eyes aren’t that big.

  9. Ouch! He may find this footage on the show.

  10. Cute blister. Do you honestly think this will get traction on a page like this?

  11. It’s not angels crying you’re hearing. If you want to know the truth click on this dumbass tik tok…

  12. https://www.rotoballer.com/real-or-not-legitimate-stats-from-guards-2021-22-nba-season-review/1040496?amp=1

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