1. I like their Runtz twice then tried purple skittles was crap! Haven't bought anything from them since, scared to get ripped off again!!!!

  2. Runtz was legit reg it’s posted on my page

  3. Man should just wait until you see good deals I just grabbed .85 of gelato zkittles cake sugar for 27$ and 3.35 for 160$ of heatlocker diamonds

  4. $160 would get you at least 7g in a reasonable market.

  5. Oh trust me I can get fire shatter/crumble for cheaper than you’ve ever seen currently have sentencing on the 8th for 2 T hashish charges 🤯

  6. "Terp creme" from lighhouse has been a wonderful surprise. Loving the Lemon Cookies.. bought it in a whim, and will now be trying everything by them in that form..

  7. What’s the texture like never seen it yet

  8. Dudes and dudettes, TCC $85 OTD 14.15 today at CC Monroe.

  9. Was going to stop there stopped at about wellness they had live resin sugar for 27$ .85

  10. The deals recently for everything have been 💯

  11. That and more competition coming with the new location that are going be opening soon

  12. The Miegs way. What's bizarre to me is, their janks continue to sell out at my local. I guess there's new guppies getting cards everyday.

  13. I love miegs but this is not the strain, Cherry dosido is there best hands down right next to strawberry and cookies there la kush cake isn’t bad either

  14. I gave 'em three chances already unless somethings changed. Are those particulars you mentioned myrcene dominant & are they sealing their plastic jars now ?

  15. If you like myrcene dominant chocolate mint og is at 12.5mg super skunky/stanky definitely one of the strongest smelling from galenas

  16. I don't have it in me to smoke something with the word garlic in the name lol

  17. I had the same thought but gave it a try and I love anything with garlic genetics some of the best tasting and you definitely know why they call it garlic when you smell it but the taste is incredible and the high my og’s, cookies , garlic genetics are my favs

  18. Have only tried Blue Steel from them. Wasn't great. Would you recommend Garlic Cookies or Lost River from them?

  19. Definitely grab the garlic cookies, very euphoric high you’ll be couch locked

  20. Grabbed some the other day straight skunky gassy had my work truck stanky today

  21. Garlic cookies is 1 of the few strains that still gives me the giggles. Blueberry cookies, second breakfast and lilac diesel are 🔥🔥🔥 also. Snowball has no smell but don’t let that fool you when it creeps up on ya head.

  22. chocolate mint og there newest strain straight skunky gassy and gets you baked baked

  23. I grabbed the Dual OG and my oh my! Super delicious! One of my all time favorites. I just wish it weren’t $40 for a 10th 😮‍💨

  24. Try chocolate mint og shits get you ripped fr!!!

  25. Same here I’ve tried a few drinks and gummy’s from the dispensary but didn’t get me there even with eating 2 packs until I tried terra edibles the chocolate sea salt caramels they put my on my a$$ for good 4-5 hours made with cold water hash

  26. Interesting I hope that puts a spotlight on terpenes more than thc percentage from my experience strains with super high terpenes and lower thc like 17-20% are most of the time better / have better effects than strains with 25+ and lowerer terpenes hopefully that with this problem itill boost more terpenes high strains coming out

  27. Hell yeah I’m tired of the ones we have down here we have shit prices

  28. Yea hopefully there not foreigners that own it so we can get real 8th again

  29. Damn that does look pretty good. I usually don't get much from them. Where'd you grab this?

  30. Yep, it’s a classic. One of my all time faves. What did that cost you?

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