1. Have only tried Blue Steel from them. Wasn't great. Would you recommend Garlic Cookies or Lost River from them?

  2. Definitely grab the garlic cookies, very euphoric high you’ll be couch locked

  3. Interesting I hope that puts a spotlight on terpenes more than thc percentage from my experience strains with super high terpenes and lower thc like 17-20% are most of the time better / have better effects than strains with 25+ and lowerer terpenes hopefully that with this problem itill boost more terpenes high strains coming out

  4. Hell yeah I’m tired of the ones we have down here we have shit prices

  5. Yea hopefully there not foreigners that own it so we can get real 8th again

  6. Damn that does look pretty good. I usually don't get much from them. Where'd you grab this?

  7. Yep, it’s a classic. One of my all time faves. What did that cost you?

  8. There lemon kush #2 is amazing to, there around a lot in the Cincinnati area

  9. Ancient Roots takes the lead for skimpiest cure in the state --- oh, I mean dry time --- after running neck & neck w/Certified Cultivators.

  10. For being a short cure the nugs are still perfect not moist but definitely not dry , has a nice firm structure and breaks down nice

  11. I've been eyeing this one mixed reviews but I can't recall seeing the terps on other posts WOW!! I am impressed galenas has been so hit and miss for me. I want to live them all organic live soil that's how I grow plus they hand trimm the last bag of biker kush I got looked just like weed I've grown for years. Which makes me feel kinda good knowing I can keep up somewhat. Now I know I'm not putting out what they are but promise mine is quality and does keep up with the best.

  12. I’ve got almost every strain from Galenas , I’ve noticed compared to other brands/strains there not the best looking strains you can get but The way they smoke/taste is amazing my favorites from them is (1) second breakfast hands down there best strain , (2) blueberry cookies , smells identical to little Debbie’s blueberry muffins, (3) electric peanut butter cookies

  13. Dang ice cream cake is one of the best strains you can get

  14. How were those carts I wanted to try them out when I seen that deal

  15. Have some cheesecake rn love it extra sticky and amazing smell

  16. Prettiest, Tokyo sunset by firelands scientific, White truffle by klutch, Or Wedding mints from meigs county.

  17. I think Toyko the best looking wedding mints is good to

  18. Where? I recently got an ounce but unfortunately terpinolene isn't listed in the top four terpenes and I'm not really enjoying it.

  19. Cincinnati sunnyside dispensary, that’s crazy I had tried this out awhile back my buddy grabbed it looked/smells exactly the same when I grab it today

  20. All of your descriptors are consistent with Terpinolene. Also check out Klutch Orange 43, BR Willies Scromulan, and Woodward Grapehead for a similar experience.

  21. Orange 43 is a good one , grapehead I’ve had my eye on since I tried blueberry cheesecake from them

  22. Haven’t seen it yet I’m down in Cincinnati area

  23. it is a steal compared to 28 for some Chizle flower🤮

  24. Looks crazy frosty I’ve had my eye on this one how is it?

  25. This is the shit high school kids buy. I'd take it back and if they wouldn't return it I'd be like just throw it away for me sport.

  26. 15$ ain’t gonna make or break me lol but I would more so say middle schoolers/ old old heads , you’d be surprised what freshman- seniors be having in nowadays with quality, currently on po with sentencing next month for 2 f3’s but they let me get a card & smoke 🤔🤦‍♂️

  27. Damn some ole Reggie Bush. Some Bilbo Schwaggins.

  28. Ohio’s weird don’t go by 8ths it’s 10ths

  29. Bro don’t do all 3 you trying to get some and not remember…sounds pointless

  30. Fr I hated that shit 😂 can’t remember nothing with the bad chick the next day

  31. Did you find this recently? Burkle is one of my favorites but I was told Grow Ohio isn't growing it anymore.

  32. I grabbed this yesterday it’s normally always in at about wellness in Lebanon oh

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