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  1. Came to the comments about to tell this mans that it’s snowflake season but it looks like I’m too late they’re already here

  2. Why would you spend money after catching a hundo shadow Nidoran?

  3. I now see that in my mania i made a bad joke but the idea was that they’re readdicting me so they can milk me for more money

  4. He pulled a younger sibling move there, legs in the air kicking and probably screaming

  5. I mean it's clear that unattentive/absent parents are an issue here, but I don't know if he's addicted. He's a kid and is being passionate like kids do. Hell, I'm still that passionate about games.

  6. I dont know either that’s why I’m seeking advice, I enjoy games as well, it concerns me how hard it is to get him to do anything other than games. And how upset he gets when he gets grounded from them, being sensitive is one thing and being upset about losing privileges is understandable, he’s 7. But, the sheer amount of temper tantrums is rather concerning Atleast to me.

  7. I would love to try but trying to talk to my parents is the only reallt viable option out of those ( and so I will definitely try it ) but I don’t have a car, i try to take him out to things nearby, be it the park or the pool, never really satisfies him long, and I live in Utah so getting out in the summer is way too hot. Even now its like 80 fahrenheit. I thought pokemon go would be a good way to get him out of the house which although it doesnt address his obsession with games it definitely got him out. But… he got grounded from that after throwing a tantrum a few monthes ago.

  8. I was thinking damn why can’t a get a girlfriend then. Then I saw the extreme social anxiety. Good Luck future me…

  9. There are so many different ways and scenarios in which a plane can crash though.

  10. Me personally… idk if a golden shower would get rid of my mourning wood.

  11. Little late to the party so I can’t expect this to be seen but there will always be a group of kids with similar interests and styles. And so long as there is I can’t see many issues with this.

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