1. Never had an issue for nearly 3 years. My coach thinks it can be a problem but it hasn't happened yet so we are monitoring it. I changed pill brands too (least hormonal possible) and that was fine too, we just monitored it. I hold fat in my abdomen and thighs alot and I've heard people say it can be due to the pill but they have always been stubborn areas for me!

  2. Can someone explain to me what she's trying to say with this tweet?? I don't get it at all

  3. I still follow her and saw that she follows FBF now, but also still tagged Atlas as of 6 days ago

  4. I think that tag is gone 😯 it's the reel with her past year incredible achievements ?

  5. Does anyone know if we can reach out to show organizers and ask for a statement on the decision? I'm pretty confused by the direction this is all taking, is it just going to end up as bikini and wellness??

  6. I'm very confused..how would you have student debt at 100k if an undergraduate engineering degree at polytechnique is around 19k CAD for quebecois people? Do you mean you'd take loans to cover your living costs etc as you'd have no income? Please help me understand this situation better.

  7. Yes exactly, for my mortgage only its like 60K over the course of 4 years. Municipal taxes another 20K for 4 years, etc.

  8. Thanks for your response. You have a lot of messages reaching out to you so not sure how helpful this would be. But I would consider keeping your current employer and asking them if they fund education. All of the employers I have had in Quebec engineering field fund all types of degrees if you can prove it supports your growth, is course based etc. With this support, you'd have to study part time and potentially graduate in longer period of time but it'll help balance the cost and ensure you are covered always in terms of job security. After you graduate you can search for better offers. I had MANY colleagues and students who were well above 30 and started an engineering undergrad with families etc. If you're set on it, you might have a non traditional path but in terms of $$ it doesn't fully make sense to go full time student right now (as others have explained). Wish you the best though. Big challenges and bigger rewards your way hopefully!

  9. I was told, "I don't know why you would wanna do that to yourself??" And "that's too much for me" when I showed them the bikini standard since they had questions about it

  10. This was a coworker btw cause I wasn't eating the company BBQ but my packed lunch 🙃

  11. My internship, previous work place and current work place pay for certifications like PMP, Engineer license and Masters/Bach but it has to be course based and each course must be approved on top of the overall process being approved. I have two coworkers who did Mechanical Engineering Masters while working. But again, course based, each course approved and shows directly benefit and correlation to day to day work of the current position. Province: Quebec

  12. Worley literally took away P.Eng fees. They're just trying to bleed engineers. Company death knell lol.

  13. Damn..I agree. The fees are nuts for OIQ too and the companies here often give you the fee but it's taxable income so okay but not the best. AND to get the OIQ you have to pay approx. $3000 (register, study modules, exams and exams) which the companies don't pay for usually... so if you're already registered good otherwise..damn.

  14. Adding I have another coworker who is now starting Bach in Engineering and has been with the company for 5-7yrs and they are paying for it all.

  15. Can someone explain what happened to Taryn? I thought she did well in the last show, which was her first pro show too I think

  16. Honestly it’s so hard to tell with the photos. Idk if it was the photographer or the lighting or both… but my god the stage shots made anyone who was cut to the bone look washed out

  17. Ohhh thank you, I didn't think the stage shots were up yet! I think you're right about the lighting affecting people who came in softer.. I'm just a bit shocked at 16th place but every show has such huge variables right

  18. Also I think Teresa Miller should leave him. I don't think she looks good at all. He will probaly ruin her too.

  19. I'm so confused with what plan they have for this season ?? Usually if you follow an athlete enough you can kind of anticipate a bit the next moves.. but with Tee I'm left confused ??

  20. Those allegations have been going on for such a long, long time.

  21. I second this - All the bikini athletes who train at Monster Gym know about his bullshit. All the competitors I met told me to stay away from him. His reputation is shit here in Montréal from the conversations I've had with people from his old local gym where his office was (Monster Gym). I was so shocked when Lauralie joined Atlas because she first started at the same gym under another coach

  22. Based on instagram bios, I think Angeline left and Victoria Schmidt is the new posing coach.

  23. LOL WUT this is so confusing. Victoria has done what, 3 shows in total and zero pro shows?

  24. Yeah I don't think Victoria did a pro sho yet but Laura Ziv even mentions it in the caption of her new post so I feel like it's confirmed, check ig: l_aura_ziv . I think Team Atlas had hired Victoria to be a coach or something for the lifestyle section cause he posted a photo of her signing contracts awhile back saying like big things are coming & tagging the lifestyle section

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