1. george has been pretty useless after the roster lock for partnered teams. Flynn out here getting us the real news with the spreadsheets for all regions

  2. Hijacking part of this thread to say thankyou to the Valo community for being so welcoming on mine and Lyric's first event.

  3. I thought the cast was good! This is the first time I’ve heard you guys cast and I thought the way you played into the history of the players/storylines was nice especially for you being new to valorant casting. Do you and lyric plan on pursing more Val casts?

  4. I thought this was supposed to start at 12 est, is there a reason it started early?

  5. BIG made it through qualifiers. Where is it said Heretics are replacing BIG?

  6. Even more excited for this event now. Heretics looked better than I was expecting in the Indian Invitational. Looking forward to seeing them more and against better competition

  7. Watching heretics at the India invitational gave me a little hopium, will be interesting to see them more and against better competition.

  8. I have to say Gambit v Acend in the champs grand final. Having Gambit win 2021 champs would have been an infinitely more satisfying end to the year than Acend winning

  9. It’s too early in the games lifespan to actually do this imo. The ‘21 teams don’t really compare to the ‘22 imo besides maybe peak gambit (I’m biased)

  10. “Mel, Jazzy, and Lorri will receive a fine and 1 game suspension…”

  11. https://twitter.com/sn00bco/status/1588329194047799297?s=46&t=Qpw-3BE80_imBLf2UwrwNw

  12. Gg to G2 they looked great and worked hard all year. Hopefully riot’s incompetence doesn’t taint their victory in the eyes of fans, the players don’t deserve that

  13. Riot is never on the same page it’s actually crazy. None of their staff are on the same page about the rules?? How can a riot producer use this clip in a highlights package and then have the guy suspended later that day? Jfc I was hoping riot would get their shit together for 2023 but this isn’t looking good…

  14. https://reddit.com/r/ValorantCompetitive/comments/yzierj/respect_to_robwiz_for_taking_the_fine/

  15. Eh disagree. As others have also said, think him doubling down on Twitter made the punishment worse, and in the same vein that if the XSET turret incident round shouldn't have been replayed just because it was the last round of a map, this punishment shouldn't be made lighter just because it would affect the grand finals. You have to remain consistent.

  16. Good point, however I don’t think he should get suspended for something like this regardless of the importance of the game. It being the grand final adds to the absurdity imo

  17. C9W won every single game changers event in NA right? Tragic to go out like this

  18. eeiu is an upgrade for sure, and as much as I love Aproto, Zander (if he also IGLs) is a massive pickup since he's just as good, if not a better fragger

  19. I assume johnQT would be igling. Zander hasn’t igled in a while

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