1. As a fellow 18 year old whose body clock is not on the same schedule as my parents either, YTA. Google the dangerous risks of getting less than 7-9 hours of sleep. Some people genuinely need 8/9 and if they don't get it they have a higher risk of dementia by their sixties, heart disease, blood clots in the legs and depression.

  2. This doesn't seem to happen very often as it is now. The grandparents did not get custody of AJ in the Adriana Hutto case and in the Diane Down's case, her husband who was the father of the children (as far as we know) and he did not even get his own children. They were adopted.

  3. ESH. Puppies cannot control their behaviour any more than a baby the age of your child can. The owner should have had them under control but you could've handled it better.

  4. Don't lose heart that early! Time, money and DNA is all you really need to ID a Jane/John Doe these days. There's seven other exclusions which I'll add to the wiki in case you want to have a look.

  5. Thanks. Is there any way to recommend cases in need of reconstructions to NCMEC? It would probably have to be them as they can get access to pictures kept under wraps by law enforcement whereas other artists can't. And there are no pictures of her skull available.

  6. All of these look equally possible to me.

  7. Thank you. I definitely think this is relevant and I am glad that guy is in prison. They will likely never be able to prove it, but it would be quite a big coincidence if none of those cases are linked to Castleberry Kate. I can't believe there is nothing about a second body anywhere else online. I have known about this case for months and I knew nothing about it. It was probably a boy/young man. When they find a male body and a female body close together, the girl usually gets priority in the media. (There was a second skeleton which I believe I read belonged to a Native American man found near to little miss X as well. But nothing about him anywhere on the internet either.)

  8. Christine has a striking resemblance to Castleberry Kate. Since I'm not familiar with the USA's geography, did she go missing near where the remains were found?

  9. California borders Arizona, so the states are close, but if you were to drive from Sacramento to Bullhead in a car, it would take over 9 hours. So it is not that close. But since it was the 70s, when hitchhiking was still popular it is still possible. And crazier things have happened due to hitchhiking. Fourteen year old Sherri Jarvis ended up nearly 17 hours away and was unidentified for decades as a result of this. Edit: And one eyed Jack was killed, or at least was dumped 44 hours away from where he had been picked up whilst hitchhiking.

  10. NAH (I'm a girl) I usually only give people YTA judgements if it's clear they had malicious intentions or the consequences of their actions were terrible. And it doesn't seem like you had any malicious intentions, especially since you have edited it to acknowledge that you would be more careful in the future. So NAH.

  11. No. Most of the people in my religion class are agnostic.

  12. But tricycles can do it because tricycles always try (my sister came up with this when she was 9.)

  13. Most people here have chosen the name before the baby is born.

  14. ESH. What you said was messed up and going too far but I have seen some of your comments and there is no denying that the dad is an asshole as well. You said that your boyfriend is turning 19 next month, so it has been 11 months since he tried to speak to his son, who may not be a child but is still a teenager nonetheless. If it had been just a "mistake" in a moment of anger it wouldn't have taken this long to get over it and make amends, assuming that is even what he was trying to do. Probably gonna get banned or downvoted to hell for saying this, but this is the first time I have seen this subreddit be so chilled out about a parent abandoning their child.

  15. I was worried this was going to be legalised. I support euthanasia for some physical illnesses and severe injuries. But mental illnesses are treatable. I can maybe, possibly just about get behind it if the person has tried every kind of treatment available and it has all failed and they want to die. But even as a last resort this is still an ethical slippery slope. Because whilst you might be doing the sufferer a favour you are breaking the hearts of everyone who has ever loved them in the process, so from a utilitarian perspective, this will simply never be right.

  16. Mary Boyle, Faith hedgepeth And Amy Biling. I also have a few Jane Doe cases which I am 92% sure were familial killings, but I will not say which ones here in case they are identided and I am wrong.

  17. Maybe, but he could have also used a phone book.

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