1. They decided to get rid of the jars lol, cancelling the only good business decision they've ever made.

  2. Every cultivator in the program who has glass jars has to switch due to OSHA regulation. Seems everyone is going to bags anyhow.

  3. Nope it’s not just you ours all 3 locations suck anymore

  4. I just saw it for 40 in central Ohio.

  5. That’s one of my favorite strains! OCL has always put out quality. Don’t care for the bag it comes in though.

  6. More like things take time… You won’t see a change until we get these next rounds of dispensaries going. It’s an expensive program for everybody the patients and owners. It’s basic supply and demand we’re in a limited license state and that drives the price up on everything.

  7. What takes time? MSOs are destroying the program here in Ohio, selling product for over 100% markup is wrong. Greed is what it all Boils down to.

  8. It’s all About the money and control here in Ohio. Program and products suck.

  9. I’ve had the new strains from Matter and I loved them. I’d take it over some of the other crap folks think is Good.

  10. Im not that impressed with it but for the price and accidental purchase, i thought for being a distillate the flavor isnt bad. Im ok with the purchase. Im really curious as to why Galenas chose this company to do distillate when their flower would be PHENOMENAL as CO or live Resin. Maybe one day

  11. From my understanding they are using Galenas Flower for the pods. Galenas just doesn’t have a processing license so they have someone donor for them.

  12. I looked in the Newark area didn’t see any!

  13. I really like the new strains and jars I got at amplify.

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