1. Much like other industries, if you don't take the job for X amount then somebody else will

  2. It's not a restaurant, but, what about the Center Street Market in Hilliard?

  3. I will definitely look into that, sounds like a ton of fun! Thank you :)

  4. Have some pizza, pork boa dumpling, and some tacos. Real tour the world action.

  5. Thanks again! Now I just need the episodes where the theme songs originate from.

  6. Wow. No wcw matches? Granted none of them stick out but as a kid I always looked forward to seeing Chris Jericho.

  7. The stuff people remember the most from WCW are his stuff with Malenko and goofing on Goldberg.

  8. You better book well in advance. I don't mean a week or two either.

  9. It was an ABBA song. It allowed me to keep watching after the link was killed. I noted it here while watching. It was ABBA or a good enough sound alike to remove even that.

  10. I bet it was the scene where the guys arm got cut off... They did blur it.

  11. It's both then. I didn't notice what was blurred and what what wasn't.

  12. Good for Roman. Dude did what he was asked, worked hard, and had a lot of deal with outside the ring itself.

  13. I don't know one company from another or future prices so none of that matters to me...

  14. So how do items like these, something that was hard to find and people wanted, end up unsold at first run retail to the closeout store?

  15. Punk doesn't try to be the funny one. He knows he's the straight man. So many times people try to be funny around Danhausen. That's the wrong thing to do. It's that he's annoying and weird. That's half the point.

  16. If you've ever seen Hornswoggle's interactions with Danhausen you can definitely see that's the best way to handle it. Swoggle doesn't not put up with Danhausen's bullshit. He consistently looks annoyed and will bite back at Danhausen and it's comedy gold.

  17. I recall a moment in a locker room with Lance Archer. Danhausen gets up on a bench to try to be bigger like Archer. Archer then gets up on the bench. Trying to also be funny. Noooooo.

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