1. I'm curious to know of you heard back from them today. I had one issue with an AR product in the past and had a very different experience than this.

  2. I finally did hear back. And got a little care package that wasn’t any useful lol I find it very unsettling and unprofessional that the manager was texting me over emailing me but the issue got resolved after 6 weeks and that’s what matters.

  3. Yeah I can kinda see that but perhaps with it being a weekend it could have been easier to text for one reason or another. Regardless, I’m happy to hear that it was taken care of for you!! I’ve found it very hard to find companies to even respond at all. I’ve had a few (maybe 6) complaints about products since getting my card in 2019 and only had two of them even follow up & both handled it appropriately.

  4. They make the best badder. Too bad they are so pricy. I got one of these too.

  5. I keep reading this, and I have to disagree unless you're considering rosin to be on the same level as resin, shatter, crumble, etc. I see others' subpar rosin for $70, upwards of $75 sometimes, for .85! Considering I can get full 1g rosin from AR at $80, doesn't seem much different than what you pay for others. Plus, they are making the best in the program... I personally see value in that alone.

  6. Looks delicious. What are the terps and their %?

  7. THC is 22.60% Caryophyllene= 5.77mg/g Limonene= 3.98mg/g Nerolidol= 2.66mg/g Humulene= 2.31mg/g

  8. Anyone defending the price gouging has capitalist brain worms. Medicine shouldn’t be beholden to the forces of the “free market”

  9. My insurance should also cover the cost. They sure did when I was on pain pills, and this plant has done far more positive for me than them pills ever did, like get me the F off the pain pills.

  10. So is this finally some pin hash? revel has temple balls that are not temple balls very disappointing:(

  11. I was wondering about these. I have been wanting to try them.

  12. I got the lemon cherry pie this week too, and I am incredibly disappointed! It looked like it would be good, but the taste if awful, and the effects were almost nonexistent.

  13. That’s a big package for a tiny jar. We create too much waste as patients.🙇

  14. https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/OKB_V2_dot_1_IX/In_House_Genetics/

  15. I only bought the rosin on sale days at Harvest. For the 3g of peach crescendo I paid $63 a g and for the other 2 I picked up today I paid $68 a g.

  16. Saw on another post that they lowered prices recently.🤞

  17. I recently got this for the first time and I throughly enjoy it. Kinda reminds me of LemonG that was around years ago.

  18. It doesn’t look great from the pictures. How are the effects?

  19. I didn’t know Klutch made rosin. Is this something new they are doing?

  20. I really like the way it hits and it tastes like a straight up dab. I liked my luster pods but this might be my new go-to. Hopefully they keep them coming!

  21. I got this yesterday. The effects are good and the taste is even better.

  22. Mad River Remedies & Pure Ohio are my go to spots in Dayton.

  23. Thank you. Those are actually the only two I've tried!

  24. I went to Harvest in Beavercreek today for the first time, and I am impressed. Dayton has some great dispos & staff have been cool but I have ran into a few employees that don’t have a lot of knowledge about the specific products they carry.

  25. I have started to go to Columbia Care on Wayne Avenue too, and I really like it.

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