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A bar in Cape Town, South Africa turning away Black people unless they are accompanied by a white person

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  1. I used that site the other day, too. I chose to get rid of Larne.

  2. Thanks, but all due respect, you did not answer my question.

  3. You want me to tell you how I calculate prices to that level of accuracy? No, I don't think I will.

  4. Aww shucks you got me. I was trying to get you to reveal your proprietary formulas.

  5. No need to be sarcastic. I studied very hard to figure it out and put in hundreds of hours checking all sorts of different charts to get to where it is now.

  6. Sleeping giant off the coast of Kerry in Ireland

  7. Blindfold. Sound proof headphones. Thick gloves. Arms in tubes so they can't touch themselves in any way which could be self comforting.

  8. My first choice for annihilation was Larne in Northern Ireland

  9. So far 1899 is a mess compared to Dark. Maybe they will tie it all together but it's all over the place.

  10. I'm growing weed for the first time after they legalised it where I live. It was too cold where I grew up to grow. I've been smoking weed or hash for 30+ years and I really hope the little plants I'm growing grow up strong. Outdoor grow in Thailand. I really hope I get some good buds on them. My babies.

  11. A racist South African? Who knew

  12. Some of the least racist people you will ever meet are South African

  13. Some of the most casually racist people I've met have been from SA

  14. Between the Iranian citizens and the Ukrainian citizens, I'm feeling pretty disappointed in the US citizens, myself included. While they fight fascism and fundamentalism with their very lives, our country slides into fascist fundamentalism.

  15. Ukrainians fighting fascism hahahhaa

  16. Masih Alinejad described herself as the leader of the protest movement in Iran in an interview with The New Yorker

  17. Masih Alinejad described herself as the leader of the protest movement in Iran in an interview with The New Yorker

  18. And I asked you to come in out of the fog, yet you wouldn't.

  19. This is a documentary from 2016 about life for the people in Donbas. Can you explain to me what these people did to deserve a life like this? They've been under constant attack for 8 and a half years now. "Come in out of the fog". You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

  20. I guess Russia shouldn't have been funding insurrectionists if they were so concerned about insurrectionists getting attacked.

  21. You have no idea what you're talking about. It's clear as day.

  22. I remember Tommi Makinen hitting a cow in Corsica back in the day and plunging into a ravine.

  23. I've lived in Thailand since 2015. Cheap housing, food, transport, great weather, nice beaches, easy laid back lifestyle. I can't recommend it highly enough. Sure the immigration stuff can be a hassle and it's a mad place to live at times but it's really a great place to live. You feel very free here. I'm living in a poor little village up north the last year and we're building a little rental property on some land we own adjoining a farm to rent out as a farm stay for extra cash. I'm growing my own weed now too now that weed has been legalised. The plan is to move down to Phuket in the next year or so and try to find a nice rental beside the beach. I met my Thai partner in Korea and we moved here together and have two little kids. The education system is terrible but not much I can do about that. 10 years ago I was struggling to get by in Dublin, scrapping by and worrying about every bill, depressed massively and couldn't see myself getting any sort of decent life. I always hated the winters in Ireland, knowing that by October you wouldn't get another day in the sun until May. Facing into months of wet and cold just wore me down every year. My life here is 1,000 times better than it was in Dublin for a fraction of the living costs. I'm never going back.

  24. Good for you man, I loved Thailand when I did the Island and beach thing 20 odd years ago. If i recall Thai people are amazing as long as you stay on the good side, don't point your feet in their direction and don't lose face. Jasus. The pointing your feet I found very interesting, the looks you get if you did it back then by accident.is that still a mannerism in Thailand.

  25. It's a great little country. Very free feeling here. Thais are generally friendly but like you said you don't want to get into trouble here. It's mostly drunk idiots who do though. If you pick a fight with a Thai guy outside a bar there will be 6 others watching and waiting to knock the bollix out of you. But I never feel unsafe since hanging around outside bars at 3am isn't something I do. The plan is to move to Phuket in the next year or so. I like it up north on the farm. It's like living in the past. If you didn't have phones and the motorbike you could be living hundreds of years ago. It's nice. But I miss the beaches. we used to live beside the sea but moved up here after I quit teaching to spend some time with my partners family while the kids were young.

  26. Just doing some gardening. Jackin' it.

  27. Thought you were going down a Straw Dogs route for a minute there

  28. If I shared you a link from 2015 to a Ukrainian news article quoting the head of the SBU as saying there are only around 56 Russians in Donbas fighting with local DNR/LNR forces would that convince you or would you still believe that Ukraine was fighting Russia in Donbas? Little green men stuff? You believe that or that the locals freaked out when nazis took over Maidan and immediately started to try to introduce anti-Russian laws. That they rebelled against an illegitimate government formed after a violent coup. They're the bad guys, not the nazis that took over and flew white power flags in the Rada?

  29. "I'm the only person on earth who was watching the news in 2014" Fuck off back to your troll farm you condescending prick.

  30. Pick a point I made that's false and I'll get you information to prove it true. Jesus Christ just try and do a Google search for a news article from Ukraine from 2004-2021 that doesn't mention nazis or far right extremists. It's nearly impossible. That's all the media were focused on until 24th Feb 2022. Now it's suddenly Russian propaganda and people like you come online with no information, just insults and claim to know what's going on. You either don't know or you're ok with it. Either way fuck you.

  31. Wtf? What do you mean..? Some supernatural shit or it was part of the festival??

  32. It's what the festival is built around. These red orb lights come out of the river into the sky. Wikipedia blames the Laotians and says it's tracer rounds or flares being fired on the opposite side of the Mekong, but having seen them I'd disagree. I could see them start in the center of the river. Plus, they've been sighted for years and fishermen have seen them coming out of the water near their boats apparently. Legend says is a Naga that shoots fireballs into the sky. Very weird and very cool to see.

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