1. In my opinion it favors throwers to much. If a team doesn't have a wall break and the other team has 1 thrower, GGs in the chat for the non thrower team.

  2. Fuck those cannons came out of no where. 🍉🍉

  3. Trying to figure out the build. Weightless Spirit as legendary?

  4. Interesting, I was told by this sub that melee damage was the only thing that affected Assassin ult (which is why people called it a worse Hachimans since stealth doesn't boost it), I could definitely be wrong there though!

  5. That used to be the case, but after there recent updates they made it so Stealth Attack Damage scales your ultimate damage as well.

  6. Or… you could do plat7/hellmode. That way you can keep the four players and still have a challenging time

  7. Fill party option sucks. I do t want to sit in a que for an hour to get people that give up half way through.

  8. That whole "I'd rather have kids young so I can keep up to them and not feel weak" is complete bullshit.

  9. "Loading Phases" for supplements in general are completely b.s!

  10. How does someone specialize in "clutch play"?

  11. It's only been two weeks.. Have you hired a dog trainer? Have you taken them to a vet to get a check up? Have you let them desensitize to their new surroundings?

  12. Break the pill open and mix the powder together with some peanut butter.

  13. I'm going to get scolded for this because this is a treat train praise only sub but honestly it all depends on the dog. Some behavioral problems can only be fixed with corrections.

  14. The velcro seal works well enough for us. Just make sure you double check it to make sure it's lined up and sealed all the way across.

  15. You can change the armours appearance by pressing triangle.

  16. seems like most of your holes then are taking too much time. theres still going to be some bottlenecks, like at par 3's and tricky holes... but you shouldnt need more than a handful.

  17. Ahhh ok. Would making the holes easier, less hazards, speed up play?

  18. Have them lay down in their beds when people come to the door. Remove them from the door area and have them lay down.

  19. I didn’t think you could put feces of any kind in a compost bin?

  20. You can! It's actually were you should put it. Most doggie bags are compostable, you just have to check the packaging.

  21. Don't need to be a dickhead buddy, I do extensive research for my dogs and have been feeding them Hill's for many years. I even stated that in the post :/.

  22. You took that the wrong way, pal. I wasn't being a dick I was just saying that there isn't evidence proving that girl was right.

  23. 7 dogs over a 20 year span. Not 7 dogs living past 20 years old, are you dense or just convinced everyone must be out to get you?

  24. Just a question, does resolve gain actually work? I've heard from some sources that the resolve gain buffs like melee resolve gain and ranged resolve gain are all bugged, but that was a while ago and I'm not sure if sucker punch patched them or not.

  25. No resolve gain perks are bugged in this game.

  26. So you want samurai to go back to the miserable state he was before the patch not even scratching on metas doors?

  27. No because Forbidden Medicine isn't the only thing making the Samurai strong right now.

  28. Yes but unlike the Samurai those other classes have very useful techniques in the first row. Samurai doesn't have that useful of a technique in the first row. So having access to a second legendary for giving up relatively nothing useful is a great buff.

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