1. chicken bacon ranch or steak and cheese

  2. have you ever seen The Boys? lol

  3. I actually had a very nice guy explain it to me way better than my professor in Discord yesterday and got it working! Thanks everyone for trying to help!

  4. Yes. I know some people who watch movies everyday. I watch at least one movie a week. There are some real dedicated film lovers out there. There’s also just people who watch parts of movies when flipping through channels.

  5. Norco is great and has amazing PIXEL graphics

  6. She’s 3.9 thank you very much 😂

  7. Jewelry and/or hair accessories! or paint your nails to match the skirt! maybe even some mascara or lipgloss :)

  8. got anything you can sell? that’s the quickest and easy way

  9. Not superhero but spy, the Alex rider books? Or can you remember what happened at all in that first book

  10. Potentially but still doesnt seem 100% right

  11. Maybe? I honestly cant say for certain. I think maybe I read Alex Ride and a different series called the Blue Avenger and I'm crossing them over in my mind lol

  12. are you potentially referring to the My Scene “My Zine” section of the site?

  13. Maybe! She swears its magazine tho

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