1. How is there flower? They have some interesting strains.

  2. Another smashing hit and gem from BR! Smells what I can describe as very earthy and peppery. Taste very similar to the smell. Potency feels higher than advertised at 19.9% so no complaints there! Heavy head and behind the eyes feeling, very nice body. Long lasting. Feels more like an indica dominant hybrid. Glad I decided to try this, I’ll be picking more up soon. Thank you BR!

  3. Idk what im doing wro g but my plants arw never that far along @ day 52. My jd2 is day 61 and maybe week or two maturity wise behind yours.

  4. Ask em Where the (fullsize) buds at at thaat percentage then 🤣🤣

  5. Haha yeah man, my first tent was a 2x2 and I did one plant at a time. First ilgm auto was a male. 1 month wasted then the second one was a male that’s another month wasted and keep in mind this was my first grow. Finally I got beans from night owl so I decided to run the night owl and the ilgm gelato and that one turned out to be female. I also went a got a bigger tent as I was tired of wasting time lol.

  6. First time as well growmie! Yeah only have space for a 4x2, so im not far off! Doing all 3 in 5 gal and a mystery bag bean photo (im sure its not a auto) in a half gallon just for photo practice. Nxt run will be 4 maybe 4 in 3 gallons!! Ill make it fit! Lmaoo

  7. Hahaha ayyye! Bro we like the same lol. I upgraded to a 4 x 2 lol. I had started with 3 plants in 5 gallons but one just randomly died within days at day 14. But I still had my other 2 lady’s lol. I also picked up this tent called “cool grows” and it was only 60$. I was amazed if the quality of it for such a low price.

  8. Ill definitely hve to check it out

  9. Smells like strawberry jello pre mix packets

  10. Got a hubbabubba x livers bx freebie couple weeks ago. Excited to see what it brings.

  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/MephHeads/comments/tcll5x/comment/i0hnhwy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  12. Last weeks will be same as this week?

  13. They don't change that often, typically every month or two. If you order multiple weeks in a row it's likely you'll get the same freebie again.

  14. Thanks. I grabbed sn and st from the 03/21 drop and freebie was a hubbabubba cross. So even for the April 1 drop, there's a chances Ill get the same freebie strain?

  15. What are the terps and % if you dont mind

  16. The space gello and the Apple fritter are really nice. I went back today to get another jar of the fritter, $33 I was happy.

  17. Its good. But not as good as the first batch imo.

  18. I can tell just by looking at it. Last run of cherry Mintz was some of the top 🌼 to come out of ohio thus far.

  19. Yeah I definitely agree. Kinda like the first batch of Big head, was sooo good. Other batches were good but haven't had a batch since that was as good.

  20. Account for weight in stems maybe

  21. Whats the terp numbwrs on the half oz

  22. How it was explained to me from someone who recently went through this same experience is tht. Even tho you have a new refill(recommendation) you will also have to wait till your card expires before you can then start purchasing.

  23. You can tell the truffle will need a few harvest to reach mad potential. Looks good tho. Thats jealousy looks 😋😋. Does it lean more towards the gelato side or sherb side?

  24. Which taste better and which one is better effects wise to you?

  25. I was hesitant to grab this because i wasn't sure if it was Zkittlez or Zkittlez Mintz. Zkittlez mintz i had and felt it was OK at the time. Interested to see how this is.

  26. So are the 45 days combined into 90 days per refill period. Or is it still two separate 45 day refill periods?

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