1. i really want margiela’s replica to go on sale because i have two that i really want but can’t justify buying both at full price (and can’t find any secondhand)

  2. Last season was my first season, started when it was almost over. I did find it worth doing once I underi what the heck it was. PA explanation from support never did make sense. This might not either though.

  3. Hey, you can’t buy the season pass after the 23rd, so i was wondering if you all think i’d be able to make it far enough in the pass for it to be worth. I do appreciate the explanation i wish i asked for that sooner because it took me a while to figure out it’s sequential and not just what you have done.

  4. $500? I thought fragrances like Guerlain Homme were like $60 on discounters

  5. i think they’re referring to the l'art et la matiere, not sure if those are on discounters?

  6. Those are also not $500. Unless you’re buying the 200ml bottles.

  7. costco jonashop fragrancenet and fragrancebuy are you best friends when buying full bottles sephora has a sample kit that comes with a voucher for a 2oz ombré leather if you like it, or a small bottle of some other scents i don’t recall which

  8. You have everything open, it would be wise to service all those components if you have the means.

  9. that’s the thing, it’s about $500 more because of the part and labor which i don’t currently have and i don’t really like to spend more than i have, but this job itself (not including the $500) is a bit more than i have right now

  10. Anytime I wear Another 13 by le labo my daughter says I smell like pickles.

  11. i thought it was santal 33 that people said smells like pickles? is it everything from le labo? or just another and santal?

  12. Hey! i have the travel kit, there are 4 vials that all fit into the casing, only 1 sprayer that you have to switch between the 4 vials. i very much do like the travel kit i bought it for around $120 i think so it was definitely worth it imo

  13. Ah I never see it getting any love, so I'm happy you know it! Such a great scent. Really could be year-round, but I had to mention it!

  14. Yeah it has become my favorite from the house lately, have you tried The original or Egypt also very great fragrances from the house imo!

  15. Versace Eros is like $80 for 200ml @ costco Versace Pour Homme and Eau Fraiche is $70 for 200ml as well

  16. omg, saks also has the same sale but if you sign up for their mailing you get an extra 10% off

  17. honestly i bought stuff and thought that and was like i can just buy a new bottle i bought it bc i like it and wanna wear it so i should wear it.

  18. it definitely isn’t only you i know for sure a lot are like that

  19. versace eros, 6th grade. i very much dislike it right now and gave my 5oz bottle away, there was probably like 4.5oz left in there still (it wasn’t the bottle from 6th grade that was like 9 years ago)

  20. guerlain ideal edp kilian black phantom eight and bob Egypt armani stronger with you

  21. id say it’s pretty strong, as long as you don’t over spray you should be fine

  22. I’m think either the de nuit like you said and CK shock. Have you ever tried that one? It’s another cheapie but heard it’s pretty good.

  23. i haven’t tried it, however i’ve heard good things about it

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