1. I just feel so sad for her at this point. I can’t imagine this being my entire life in my 30’s. She needs help

  2. It’s the influencer’s job to adapt and change their strategy. Lazy photos or stories don’t work anymore. They just don’t want to put in the effort. It’s not the consumer’s job to “support” them cuz their engagement sucks now lol

  3. I think it was very naive of her to only have a verbal agreement because now he legally does not have to split the profit w her. He’s being an ass but there’s also nothing in writing saying the house is also hers.

  4. Didnt' everyone call her performative when she spoke out during the height of BLM protests?

  5. Didn’t she switch from an LLC to an S Corp for tax purposes?

  6. Is this meant to justify his overpriced coaching with zero qualifications and giving women advice about hormones and birth control? Good for him for getting out of poverty but I’m not falling for this 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. My understanding is that Alani is owned by 4 individuals, with Katy and Haydn being 2 of the 4 and owning shares separately (instead of joint) . I think she is wanting to say they are majority holders without having to say they took investments from outside sources. She’s weird.

  8. Weird that she’s trying to hide that info when it’s public and anyone can search it

  9. I’d be obsessed w it too if I spent my whole life building it

  10. I thought that was common sense, no one should pay (OR CHARGE) $10k for that

  11. They’re just smaller now cuz she lost so much weight

  12. They’re so boring to me, how do they even have a following?

  13. Imagine what a difference he could make if he poured all that money into locally owned restaurants instead of chains 😔

  14. Too bad knowing how to make sourdough bread is a much more useful skill 🤣

  15. Is BB not fast fashion?

  16. They are fast fashion as they’re a launch based business.

  17. Is she pretending like buff bunny and alphalete aren’t guilty of all those things?

  18. Yeah she did lie but (and I know this is an unpopular opinion) but does anyone really need to disclose their relationship status? I feel like this should really only matter to the people they may have screwed over.

  19. It honestly wouldn’t have mattered as much if she’d kept this to herself. But she went out of her way to lie about it to look innocent.

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