1. Cool, so you're saying it doesn't stop illegal voting? Then it's an undue restriction, constitutionally.

  2. There's five amendments about voting and the crew that thinks registering a gun in their name is an undue burden but still can't fucking fathom how requiring an ID to vote isn't only a polling tax but it's also supremely fucking hard to do when all the DMV in poor and minority areas all magically wound up closed and the ones still open have schedules that favor rich white people.

  3. They'll say towels are bad for the environment and beds are capitalist oppression. XD

  4. Shorts are the ultimate stage of capitalist. Selling shit they don't own and stealing from the poor when they fuck up.

  5. “Sorry we failed to deliver your compensation”

  6. Fucking classic shit right there. A bunch of people who know nothing about markets or companies or stocks trying and can barely read are convincing other people who are similarly clueless to invest all of their money into a dying company. Fucking great, I'm sure this'll turn out well.

  7. Preferred shares don't get votes but they're first in line for money when it comes to dividends and bankruptcy.

  8. From the abstract, they don't seem to differentiate between starchy foods and (refined) sugars. Intuitively and from my limited knowledge, I would assume that sugar is the real culprit of health decline, unless starchy foods are consumed in lieu of a diverse diet (including various protein sources, vegetables and nuts).

  9. A big part of it is cumulative insulin response and the glycation of LDL and framing it for heart disease while it's actually repairing the damage from sugar ablating the endothelium.

  10. Most calories came from bread in Europe until the middle of XXth century but diabetes and obesity skyrocketed with the modern diet. I would not exaggerate the role of wheat in the current obesity epidemic.

  11. Prove that brokers can lend out shares in direct violation of your choice to opt out of share lending.

  12. Looks fine. It could be a response to a change in environment. It's a pretty uniform ring without discoloration.

  13. Well at least they would have to write it down. And I think this would escalate pretty quick and might even get physical if they would try this shit

  14. Those that make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

  15. Funniest line / most realistic part from Independence Day: a quick pan across a TV newscast announcing "Police are once again asking residents not to shoot at the alien aircraft."

  16. I’ve spent a portion of my day trying to calculate the potential collateral damage of Americans shooting at the sky during this.

  17. My wife is from an area of more alcohol than education and had a friend die in her arms in highschool because good ol boys were shooting into the sky and her friend caught one on the way down.

  18. It’s not the job of poor people to teach a spoiled rich kid gratitude and volunteering shouldn’t be used as a punishment.

  19. Poor people are maintained as a threat against the middle class. It actually costs 70% less to give homeless housing than have police harass them, but it's about puritanical punishment and not about solving problems or helping people.

  20. I'm not sure what you mean by husk, they look like they might be developing fruit bodies which form out of the plasmodium

  21. it's a single celled organism so it just expands where it wants to go. It doesn't reclaim everything and some goo gets left behind and turns crusty.

  22. This seems like a big deal that they are refusing to pay interest payments.

  23. Can't wait for 300 articles about their default and impending bankruptcy every day... 😮‍💨

  24. You have stuff. The only way to know what kind of stuff is to put some on agar and wait.

  25. I think its mycelium tho cos the process was pretty sterile, is it enough growth to try?

  26. If it's that visible there's probably tons you can't see floating in there. Give it a swirl and aim for a clump with something like an 18g.

  27. But all the comments are making fun of him. Do we reverse the singular or collective?

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