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  1. Daddy O' Five 2 electric boogaloo

  2. Don't you have to press a to climb it

  3. no your suppose to just walk into it and you climb up, but for some reason it wont do that

  4. imagine going round to your mates house n hes just got a bottle with big pair a tits on it

  5. Ngl, that’s the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen. Still kinda cute tho

  6. guessing u haven’t seen minxes cats

  7. The only problem i see with that is that you could turn into tainted isaac after turning into tainted forgotten, but yea the battery works well.

  8. good point but if you have a good game break going you could just break it again to get the items back, also maybe leave something like the D20 or D Infinity in the shop to buy once you get turned into Tainted Isaac

  9. Wait doesnt tainted isaac just crash the game if you have more than 8 items before turning into him?

  10. I haven't tried so I dont know, I'd hope it just lets you keep 8 random items but it might just crash

  11. Finally a good guest suggestion, he'd be so good for a podcast

  12. sinvicta be like "i don't like fun"

  13. sinvicta be like “welcome back to the seeded streak number 300 but this time we will win with an overpowered synergy, no guys it’s not scripted i’m just that good I can have a 3k plus win streak bc of my subs aupport

  14. I have also read about historic brick buildings (think middle ages to 1700s) in the Netherlands that the bricks on the outer facade would be coated with linseed oil, because back then the brick ovens weren't hot enough resulting in the bricks being porous and absorbing water.

  15. As far as I know there was no plaster or coating for the building, and they aren't bricks like today, there made out of limestone. They were never molded like clay, just chiseled to the size they needed it to be. They still use this method when replacing bricks today.

  16. I mean they'll still be stuff on the inside from when it was first built maybe idk

  17. why, it gives 3 hearts not 2 and it’s also removed from the angel pool, making room for better items

  18. 136 - anything4views is a literal hobbit is definitely up there for me

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