1. Grookle (me Grookle) say Invite in cave, maybe befriend?

  2. Gorg has now find out what “other eat” is, no Gorg will not sexually please the beast

  3. Grookle does not understand, eat the beast through nose. Will enhance flavour

  4. Let me dumb it down for you dipshit, 6 may seem like a very big number for you, but too bad. 6/2=3, How? Because 2 can go into 6 three times, let’s count by 2’s.. 2,4,6! Now, we solve 1+2. This may be a bit difficult for you! But the answer is three. And since we were taught in a grade much higher then your walnut brain can comprehend, we know to multiply now! Now let’s multiply, and what do you know, we get 9.

  5. Bless your heart. After you add 4 and 2 you dividev6 by 6. That's how the problem goes. Did you not take math in middle school???

  6. It’s like the “my stomach hurts from all this candy, but I want more candy”

  7. Don’t let Fortnite copy that skin.. “ThEY STOLE KENSEI FROM FORTNITE!!!11!1!”

  8. Lb main here buddy : Jondaliner and EARL_CASH07-71 on YouTube. Also I dont recommend lb to new forhonor players but u can try I believe in you

  9. I’m not “new” per say, but I have been maining him a while and I haven’t seen improvements in my play style so far

  10. Lawbringer. If fucking pirate, highlander, and hito have hyper armor why the doesn’t lawbringer?

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