1. If you’ve been able to make an account you’re probably first 1000. It took a few hours for me to receive my email but I’m first 1000

  2. I can’t get over the fact he’s just a whole Bassnectar rip off. Seen Mersiv lots of times, and he’s no Bassnectar (even though he clearly wants to be)

  3. Did they kick people out of the discord? I was in it literally since day 1 and now of course as soon as something good rolls around I'm no longer a member.. Anyone got an invite link? I'm salty

  4. I’m moving back to Rochester from Washington DC after 10 years away (I wanna be closer to my family). Will suck not having great venues like Echostage and clubs like Soundcheck to party at, but will make lots of weekend trips up to Toronto where I know there is a good techno/house scene.

  5. Closest thing you will find is probably the club scene at the Workshop on Saturday nights. Regarding the live music scene, there's a lot of bands at Thesis from local (Roch, Winona and the cities) musicians. A lot of indie rock, pop-punk, folk, and hippie jam band music. If you like the blues, then Brothers has blues bands almost every Friday and Saturday. Treedome has some metal bands occasionally, however the sound mix there is usually not the best. Hidden world vinyl gets various bands to play in their garage. A mix of punk, rock, and country from what I've seen so far.

  6. Bathhouses you can drink in, and do lots of stuff you can’t do in the States.

  7. So if she bullied someone she deserves to be murdered is what youre saying?

  8. Dont drink at all with ket. Take small little tiny bumps to get used to it. Then work up from there.

  9. i’m thinking they knew the group but didn’t personally know the code, went through the window and specifically targeted the two on the top floor. ethan woke up to/heard the noise and went to check it out or caught them coming downstairs which led to xana, considering she was known for having defense wounds and possibly being more aware having heard or seen ethan being attacked. it’s so hard to say not knowing the placement of bodies, but to me it seems like one victim was targeted but the killer was not quiet enough and got caught up which led to the other three. it’s really believable the girls in the basement had zero idea of what was going on, everything probably went so fast there wasn’t a lot of noise. they were only safe because they didn’t interfere with the exit route. if they had planned to murder everyone, i’d say they’d start in the basement so if they got caught they’d have an easier way out. it seems like a personal attack gone wrong imo

  10. If it was a personal attack on just one victim and the killer didnt want to get in a further altercation with others, why would he choose her house she lived at with a bunch of people together?

  11. Well technically a serial killer is a person who kills 3 or more ppl so as soon as he killed the 3rd person he or she became a serial killer so u whole ost is pointless

  12. Wrong. Four victims in one night is a mass murderer. Serial killing is over a prolonged period of time.

  13. So once you dump a car like that, how do you get back to civilization?

  14. I agree. You aren’t as stupid as you were in your 20s, still young enough to party like hell and have even more fun. You have a brain, a fully developed personality, you know how to handle yourself, and you still look good.

  15. Not as stupid, better job, better looking, more confidence, better at sex, the list goes on

  16. The case on my unit is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. The guys literally got them everywhere, still breaking out months later, his penis is going to self amputate, and he will certainly die from it. It’s really sad.

  17. There’s a monkeypox case on the unit I work on. He has been there since September. His case is so bad his penis is going to literally self amputate because it’s so gangrenous. Granted, he has AIDS, syphillis, and meningitis, and has been refusing wound care. So it’s not a shock, but monkeypox has not gone away yall.

  18. No. If you suffer from schizophrenia, you should not be smoking weed even… I am in nursing. People with schizophrenia are admitted to our unit all the time for going off into a psychotic episode after smoking weed.

  19. I know plenty of schizophrenics who smoke weed and it does nothing to them

  20. Less than 1% of the population suffer from schizophrenia so when you say you know “plenty of them” I find it highly improbable.

  21. He’s rich already and people have moved onto other things. I highly doubt he’ll ever perform live again, but he’ll certainly ghost produce

  22. Also, if I were him, I’d want to just keep what I was as it was. He wouldn’t ever rise to the level he was previously at if he did come back.

  23. Yuuuuuup as another PharmD, can confirm. Then the public treats us like a McDonald workers. Good times

  24. You can come to my place, pack and box all my shit, and load my uhaul for me

  25. Nah. People cut that shit like crazy with all kinds of bullshit excuses. “I work here”, “I’m on the guest list!”, “I left my bike inside”. I’ve heard it all. I’ve also never received a stamp. They give you a bracelet. They cut it off when you leave and take your receipt.

  26. No. When you enter Lab, you’ll get a trash bag. You undress and put your belongings and clothes in the bag. They tag it. That matches your wristband. Then you fuck.

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