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  1. https://hyte.com/store/lcd-kit?v=136

  2. I own this on the Saturn and Xbox. It works on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

  3. Thank you for the massively discount video game monitor for my Xbox Series X and PC.

  4. They can want whatever they want. You can go out with a saw or have a neighbor do it, and you save most of that money.

  5. [Terrifying Presence] My dad works at Microsoft kid I’ll get your account banned.

  6. At this point the premium subs are probably just slowing down the inevitable bleedout. They may help but aren't enough to maintain the full staff anymore. We know masses of people have unsubbed over the last few years, especially more recently. But without them the site may have already been shuttered, so it's not like there is a good alternative.

  7. I stopped when Jeff Gerstman left. I'll support Jeff directly.

  8. The point is to continue to give money to the corporation. I OWE the corporation who runs Giant Bomb money REGARDLESS of who is there. My money BELONGS to the corporation.

  9. Republicans dgaf about fiscal responsibility. See Trump administration.

  10. Fuck I might have forgotten to get the season pass for this now that you mention it

  11. Before I saw talaban I thought it was a republican statement

  12. I wish these could be used on the xbox series x. I bought one of these for $20 back in the 360 era

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