1. Are there allot of vaushites in the TMR sub?

  2. I don't love a lot of his takes but I think he does a good job of converting people from the right.

  3. Smart move on McCarthys part. Put her somewhere where she can’t break anything.

  4. 6/10. He had total control and did the most milquetoast healthcare reform possible and lost his majority because of it.

  5. I would never want a lambo and even if I won the lottery I’d still try to live modestly. Flaunting cash won’t make you happy.

  6. If in the summer, try to know where the sun is going to be so you don’t pick a seat where you’ll get sunburnt as shit.

  7. Gonna take a hard pass on this one. I used to live near a Buccees and the traffic it generates is a huge pain in the ass.

  8. Crypto is a scheme created to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich.

  9. The Secret Service was in on 1/6 and Pence would have been whisked away by them if he had gotten in the car

  10. I’ll take it even further. Pence was in on stopping the certification results and it wasn’t until the rioters entered the building that he changed his mind. Refusing to get into the car was theatrics to make it look as though he was the good guy.

  11. Am I the only one angry that the dogs were in danger? 😡

  12. I don’t. He’s overrated and I came here to talk shit about him after the whole nazi thing. The only thing Kanye has ever been good at is producing and surfacing trends that already existed in underground spaces.

  13. I would assume pig skin would do the trick too based on the no sweating but I guess something was off with it.

  14. Friendly reminder that pigs are as smart if not smarter than dogs. They shouldn’t be used as food.

  15. TDW is probably better off. Crowder is one step away from going full on mask off white nationalist. I think he sees rising antisemitism as an opportunity, which is incredibly unfortunate.

  16. This situation would have been totally avoidable had the state / federal government not totally failed people like that woman.

  17. I save a seat for my wife every time we fly together if our boarding position isn't close. I don't have a problem with it.

  18. She's still going on about FTV as if what the GOP did was anything comparable.

  19. This building is the former San Francisco armory. Aside from… ya know, what it’s known for today, it has a rich history in SF and movie production. Some scenes from The Empire Strikes back were filmed here, as at the time it was one of the largest indoor sound studios in NorCal.

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