1. Tried to sell shoulder-fired rocket launchers to agents posing as Atlanta street gangs. They claimed they were capable of shooting down commercial airliners. IIRC It was "Operation Dragonfire".

  2. ORIGINALLY it was a deal for abt 2000 chinese made AKs. the rocket launchers came later. the press actually leaked details and caused the op to be closed earlier than they wanted lol

  3. it was literally i remember doing the line both times, then pure black nothing and i woke up .

  4. I think crack is way better than IV coke. I've shot coke multiple of times and once I smoked crack I almost developed my second habit to crack. It took me like 5 months of smoking crack everyday till I said no more, just heroin and that's it. I've always been a downer guy rather than an uppers, but that head rush from crack and a hit of heroin to ease up the calm down was wayyyy too good ...

  5. crack is literally just coke cooked into a rock. matter fact to make crack injectable you literally just convert it back to normal coke. so don't see how there was any difference

  6. 20 for a half g and it's actually real H ? jeez north americas drug game is fucked im paying at least 40 for a half g and that's gonna be about 0% heroin and all fenty

  7. but this just reminds me how some dude sold me stamps once and the texture was blow, taste was blow... but i sniffed it and it stopped me from being sick? it was really odd

  8. by the taste i doubt it s blow but it LOOKS like blow... prob a fentalogue or some zene drug with a terrible cut? ik that baking soda BURNS and tastes super salty when snorted maybe they cut w that?

  9. Shit, I don’t really want to be taking fent 💀😰

  10. or are you somewhere in europe? fent isn't as common there so could be something else

  11. bruh if y doing H especially stamps you've been doing fent the entire time

  12. i honestly thought i was overdosing and just getting lucky n waking up at first probably some weird fent analogue or something but when i don't blackout feels nice tastes n smells like vinegar too

  13. holy shit i thought i was alone when it came to the blackouts , very fine line between good and just random knockout waking up hours later like wtf and laughing at the same time that so much time went by and there a bowl of cereal on the floor 😂

  14. the measurement of stamp dosage is usually pretty close but when there's 10 of them at a time a little difference in each bag can add up lmfao

  15. yea bro like i buy stamps... sometimes i dump a bundle worth on my phone and get a decent size line that just make me feel good other times i dump it all out and get a line twice as big as the first that puts me flat on my ass

  16. im talking about the pill lol ik the dope has fent i do that shit on purpose

  17. Most xanax is pressed these days and it most like has a designer benzo like flubromazolam, flualprazolam, clonazolam, fluclotizolam, etc. The effects are far mor far-ranging and more unpredictable than real xans

  18. but most of them are just meth is why i said that its rare to be real molly in a pill at least around here

  19. O-M-G! You're right! No one can possibly get a prescription on their own! No pharmacy will ever fill a script for you that a doctor makes out for you! OP was totally delusional when she said she could go live with her father! OP just best learn to be a professional victim and stay locked in her room unless her aunt gives permission to be out!!! Happy now? /s

  20. you're an idiot if you think that a pharmacy will fill a script for a controlled substance while their system says OP has some left. tell me you don't know shit abt how pharmacies work without telling me, lmao

  21. No one said pharmacies hand out scripts of controlled substances like M&Ms. If it is scheduled, they will fill a new script from the doctor. It's not as easy as a non-scheduled drug emergency refill, because obviously there is a potential for abuse. No pharmacist is flinging bottles of benzos at you on your word, but shit happens. Assuming you aren't "losing" drugs every month, shit can get taken care of through the right channels

  22. pharmacies deny ppl scripts for opiates/benzos constantly just bc the pharmacists don't think the patient really needs it

  23. you better buy her in a heartbeat who cares what's done to her? swedish mausers are great, and even better for 190 not even 200

  24. I’m having this exact same problem right now I have zero idea what to do lol. We have each other on FB messenger and I’m like I see you online can u just respond yes or no?! Lmao

  25. man i don't hit my guy on messenger but i'll see he's active but not replying and it's annoying as fuck

  26. Bro. That’s why got two main plugs, but one is a homie I’ve known forever so he don’t care if I blow his ass up. Hell, sometimes I take a nap around the time he gets off of work, so if I don’t respond to him whenever he’s off, he’ll blow me up until I respond. Lol. But if he’s out, or at work, and I’m in withdrawal then I’ll hit up the other plug and he’s always good and ready to meet up as soon as I hit him up. And if they don’t hear from me in a couple of days, they both hit me up to make sure I’m doing okay and see if I’m gonna need any anytime soon. That’s how all plugs should be, especially if you’re selling something that’ll make mother fuckers sick if they can’t get their fix.

  27. yea my secondary is like that if i don't text him for a few days he'll wait till the days he's off work and hit me up with the "serving all day" lmao

  28. Good question, one that I periodically ponder myself. The only report I know of is Deuteromescaline in Sasha's "PiHKAL" (of which the chemical part - the one of interest here - is available for free (just in case you or someone else, didn't know).

  29. yeah i wonder. bc it's possible to order deuterated forms of most popular fentanyl analogues on the clear net that are DEA exempt preparations due to them being methanol suspensions

  30. The legalities seem a "little" questionable but I'm no lawyer :) just my 2 cents...

  31. i mean obv this is hypothetical. but i know methanol happens to evaporate at very low temps and considering the actual chem is like 98% pure and just suspended in pure methanol i don't see why i couldn't isolate it

  32. afghanistan is extremely tribal, the pashtun people are partly in paki and partly afghan but are all part of the same tribe/culture and therefore the same people. there is no afghan or pakistani on a lot of the borders where tribes are split, like if you ask a pashtun what they are they will likely say pashtun, not afghan or pakistani

  33. i did some dope the night before an oral swab and passed that shit

  34. There’s methadone in a lot of prisons and definitely there can be actual dope to be found in the prison. But it will cost a lot more then dope on the street and good luck if you’re trying to shoot it.

  35. my point is if they're struggling to come up outside they definitely gonna be too broke to get high inside

  36. remind them that if they go to prison or jail, they're gonna be fully sick the entire time and there is no "getting well" there

  37. those presses weren't garbage the buprenorphine in your system is just blocking it

  38. They had some, just not enough, from what I recall.

  39. that's what i meant sorry, they had the typical load for an ambulance but not enough for an entire theater full of OD victims

  40. It’s not confirmed but the theory was an aerosolized version of methylfentayl or another analogue to incapacitate everyone, but due to certain circumstances, many people died. They weren’t able to reverse the agent fast enough

  41. the military didn't inform EMS that they used an opioid, therefore they didn't have any narcan on scene

  42. Fun fact: When Megatron was first introduced as a character/toy he actually transformed into a fairly realistic looking Walther P38. This was later changed because it didn't look good to have children playing with German handguns.

  43. He needs rehab or MAT. He is deff abusing them. What people don't understand about oxy is when you snort or smoke them your tolerance jumps, hence why he is up in the middle of the night and lying about dosing. Sorry OP but he won't stop unless you raise the bottom line.

  44. snorting and smoking does not raise tolerance what? you still get the same dose either way

  45. im non-binary and always down to make more friends 🤷🏼‍♂️

  46. you definitely OD'd and just got lucky and came back, not the first time someone came out of an OD with no narcan man

  47. damn i wish a buck 50 was enough to last me a week try like a hundred a day on this bullshit sometimes double or triple that

  48. Ooh yeah idk how that's achievable everyday, a hundred a day means you're one helluva hustler yo! Lol ✊️ . Reason why it costs me that is because it's strong, uncut, pure heroin, off the brick, and weighed exactly. I actually get it for forty-five a half-gram, and ninety for a gram, for which a half-gram lasts me 3-3 days so that's a minimum of one-hundred-thirty-five a week. $21/week on methadone is the best option, in terms of cost lol

  49. the shit i gt is pretty strong it's mostly fent obviously, most ppl here will hit about a stamp or 2 at the time to get blasted and im over here racking a whole bundle at once just to catch a tiny rush for 20 secs and not be sick

  50. not a single one, but if i HAD to recommend ? oxy or hydro probably, good for low tolerance and very decent high all the better shit is miles stronger and would probably be too much for a newbie

  51. How are you doing dude, in detox I literally couldn't keep powdered kratom or any oral meds down, and even on day 3 when I finally stopped vomiting blood+bile (blood from my throat burning), the kratom finally kicked in even then it was minimal. this was powdered K thogh. the extracts are meant to be much better.

  52. o got a couple liquid extracts made the mistake of downing one with nothing to drink after and almost puked from that shit

  53. haven't been terrible considering ig, been yakking at night when i try to sleep other than that shits pretty manageable, i bring my pill bottle full of empty stamps everywhere i go in case shit gets to the point where i can't deal i never get more than like 4 or 5 stamps out of it but i'll take it if i'm that desperate 🤷🏼‍♂️

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