1. No matter where I move a plant, or the barriers I put around them, she finds a way. I’ve had to rehome so many plants I loved (like the one in the picture) because they are toxic to cats. And now she is obsessed with my fish tank and keeps jumping at it! My other two cats don’t care about the plants/fish at all! I’ve tried baby gates, furniture barriers, lemon on the leaves, moving plants up as high as possible, etc.. she is impossible to stop! Any advice?

  2. Just my 2 cents, but when I started spraying my plants with diluted lemon water, it warded off my 2 plant snackers! The lemon juice isn't supposed to be toxic to the plants and the cats dislike the smell and taste of citrus!

  3. glad we can get 100 cops in here to ticket but didn’t have adequate services to help people freezing to death in their cars!

  4. I use a service called Lavender (I think it's only available in some states) that offers teletherapy sessions with psych nurses who also prescribe meds.

  5. Lavender is the bomb! Currently in NY, NJ, WA, and MA but expanding to Florida soon.

  6. I have never had luck finding an Uber/Lyft to the airport early in the AM (4-6AM, so maybe you'll have better luck?) and I live in downtown Buffalo. As many others have said taxi services seem more reliable.

  7. Not the same, but cracked pepper triscuits might be a good placeholder for you

  8. Reminds me of back when everybody was sharing copypasta on Facebook with this legal jargon about how Facebook doesn’t have the right to your private images or information. And the mere act of posting it became legally binding, somehow.

  9. It was a very Michael Scott moment in time, wasn't it? I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY

  10. It looks like there is a mealy bug infestation (the fluffy white guys). You can get them off with 70% alcohol and a qtip then treat the whole plant for pests (I would just goggle how to treat mealy bugs). Also quarantine and check any other plants it was close to.

  11. I had similar issues due to moving plus graduating in 2020. I worked with a recruiter, who really helped! I used FCS, Inc. Feel free to DM me for more info.

  12. I grow those. They don't like being indoors, so I've learned. They need full sun.

  13. That's helpful information! Thank you. I may try to transplant.

  14. Try to stop watering it all together for 3-4 weeks? Btw this is anecdotal advice... we have office succulents that were ignored during a remodel and when they were noticed again they looked better than before; the only difference being that no one watered them for 4 weeks.

  15. I had the same issue with my Willow-girl! Ended up giving in and buying another heating pad for myself (and then had to hide it haha)

  16. I'm finding it especially rough for a new grad at the moment. (According to my recruiter who has more perspective) I am in a working class city though, which doesn't help. Best of luck if you're looking, though!

  17. Thanks for taking the time to post. I especially like your idea about making it inconvenient to smoke once you start again - I think that's the last adjustment I've been needing. Glad to hear how well you've adjusted!

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