1. hon i’m gonna get downvoted to hell for this but do you think if i called my son a man-magnet 99% of people on this sub would accept that?

  2. I'll field this. The issue is that members and supporters of the LGBT community primarily identify as members of the LGBT community. It is their primary allegiance. This is in contrast to straight people, who take their straightness more as a matter of course. Straight people primarily identify as their occupation, or their political leaning, or their parental status, or their religion. Their sexuality is not the focus of their identity.

  3. again, gonna get downvoted but i think conversation is good, the issue is that you just completely assumed so much about every member of the lgbt community in one foul swipe. First hand experience here, i’m 14 but let me tell you how easy it is to find straight sex in my school library and how there is none of the same for the lgbt community. “Over-sexualization” to you is only a problem because you say it is, and i don’t believe for a second you support any even inherently non-sexual identities, (ex. asexuals), who can be bi-romantic, and it’s “oversexualization” because it’s a guy with a guy

  4. Also ranting about traps it annoys me to this day that in wrath of the righteous they have the spotted treasure/spotted trap voice lines swapped.

  5. that's a great meme OP ignore the midwits whining about it

  6. I didn't mean for it to be a call-out meme, but apparently a lot of people feel called out

  7. they literally don't. The right side has added nuance to the opinion that wasn't present in the left, which misses the joke entirely.

  8. Yes, because they draw the same conclusion for different reasons lol

  9. I absolutely agree. But the people who are pushing the lower picture as okay, while the upper picture as not okay, are doing so with the belief in a (relatively) recent redefinition of the word racism: “racism = prejudice + power”. Meaning that, making Ariel black is okay because it’s “punching up” or “punching from a lower place of power”, and thus it’s not considered racism. In their view, only “people holding power” can be racist in their prejudice.

  10. The other issue with that line of thinking is that this mentality runs Hollywood. They are in power now.

  11. Sure, but it's not unreasonable to assume a billion guardsman per planet, on average. Some produce way more, some less. Even a million billion guardsmen is what, a quadrillion? A quadrillion guardsmen?

  12. What ratio do you think the guard is that a billion guardsmen per planet? The US keeps less than 1 percent of its population in the military. You think most planets have 100 billion people on them? Only the densest of hive planets could sustain that, and for each one of them there is a system or subsector of agri worlds to sustain it, with wayyy less people.

  13. The US isn't the Imperium, it's not a dictatorship at constant war with a dozen galactic entities on all sides. There's no way Guard are only 1% of the population.

  14. I don't. After all these guys are trying to reinvent the wheel, so they clearly haven't read their own books.

  15. It's silly because the general defining aspect of "species" in science is the largest group of animals capable of producing fertile offspring when mating. (That rule isn't always 100% true, but it's the general definition.) Which means, if these different categories are different "species," they can't mate (or they can, but their offspring will be infertile). Which means half-elves and half-orcs are, at best, rare and infertile now, apparently.

  16. Where did you find this template? I need it.

  17. I don't blame the character of Rhaenys for dumb writers wanting to have a cool looking scene without thinking of the consequences.

  18. Sorry, Rhaenys shows promise yet, but I think she has some ground to cover before reaching Olenna's level.

  19. Olenna: Deftly maneuvers King’s Landing politics while successfully planning the assassination of Joffrey, framing Tyrion, and is never discovered

  20. Especiually since so many times you get half a chance this and half a chance that and overdefend and would of done more damage with three energy. Information means a lot.

  21. I figured they’d at least throw in a support player, maybe a marine vet or something

  22. I mean, Walmart is famously the death of small businesses all over the US.

  23. Except these theives don’t draw a line like that. They steal from everyone, even mom and pop. They have no moral high ground.

  24. What's the difference between a black story and a white story with black people shoe-horned in, if it doesn't directly involve some aspect of race?

  25. What's the difference between a white story and a black story with white people shoe-horned in, if it doesn't directly involve some aspect of race?

  26. For the millionth time (the density you're showing could make neutron stars jealous), if racial aspects are central to the themes of the story, it's fine to cast along racial lines.

  27. You’re just getting circular at this point, and name calling now too? tsk tsk.

  28. Hey all! This post is getting some traction and some great conversation so I wanted to reach out and provide some perspective from our end and be available to answer questions.

  29. As someone who has run afoul of this Rule in the past, it honestly seems like you guys use it more as a cudgel to remove memes you disagree with. I’ve seen debates on this sub where one side gets to meme all they like, and the other side gets removed.

  30. It’s just another one of those “GB bad” one with no additional punchline. Oh well 🥱

  31. Meme build request from my friend, while monk potentially has better DPR with a flurry of blow + pummel style, I think saint fist is the best candidate for one punch build, Inquisitor second if we don't want to rely on crit.

  32. Again. How do you think corporations have this much power, if not due to the state helping them out?

  33. I’m confused. Are you asking how any private entity would obtain power without the existence of a state? I don’t know, ask the mob. Ask the first barbarian warleader.

  34. Yes, there is truly nothing else. In a power vacuum, someone seizes power. Democracy kinda sucks, but at least we get somewhat of a say in how it runs. But removing government would just create a system of feudal private groups that don’t give a fuck.

  35. And most of the fantasize about getting cucked, not doing it

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