1. This isn’t an Apple problem - it’s an Abbott problem. A iOS beta release won’t fix it. Abbott needs to fix the bug and update their app. But looking at their terribly infrequent release history, I wouldn’t get hopes up about that happening anytime soon, if at all. The bug could possibly even be a super simple fix - who knows.

  2. I called into customer support on this, and they did agree to send me a replacement meter since I can no longer get readings from my current one. And since it was set up with iOS, the reader wouldn’t work. On the call, after I had described that the app crashes immediately several times, they continued to ask me to retrieve data, such as error logs, from within the app.

  3. Beneleaves will probably make it for them. It'll contain cbd more than likely. Probably $80-$90 if they do 840mg and $55-$70 if they do 500mg.

  4. Can they still say it is “in-house” if they continue with beneleaves making them? Just curious

  5. I'm sure that it is. I googled it before posting my reply and I saw that the software was available in the Apple store.

  6. Hrm I’ll look again but I only saw it on the iOS store, not the Mac OS app store

  7. About two hours in, the device then becomes unavailable for 8 hours as well? Are y’all doing finger sticks during all this time? Or are we to overlap wearing the meters by a day to ensure we can get readings at all times? I’m confused by how little I’ve been able to use the device in the first 12 hours putting it on.

  8. Check out all the CBD isolate added to them, too! (probably undesirable for most folks):

  9. yeah I would love to see a silicone cover that fits over the tip and keeps it clean when not in use :)

  10. My guess might have been too strong didn't pass testing had to bring it down it sux but it is a practice thanks to the lovely cap. I say let us go by our own way and use it as of we got it from the streets hella potent why not it's not like it's fetti or crack.

  11. Oh interesting - howcome others (such as Klutch, with their live resin luster pods) don’t have to do this?

  12. Stambaugh Garlic Cookies by Riviera Creek. Some love and some hate, but it’s inarguably a heavy hitting indica, nonetheless

  13. I hear the garlic cookies are pretty good from them but their other strains aren’t worth it for the price. Will check it out thanks 👍

  14. Yeah I concur - I don’t mess with their other strains, just garlic cookies

  15. It’s the condensation of the concentrate vapor on the tip. So the wax acts as a clogging mechanism and you have to suck hard to get it unclogged at the suck hole. So oil vapor condensates on suck hole, Suck hole gets clogged because oil is sticky and thick, luster pen make sad sound.

  16. Urgh! So is this just something that everyone is dealing with? Are there no tricks besides sucking ultra-hard on it, or heating it? is this an issue with 510 carts? It makes my chest hurt sucking so hard on them to get it unclogged lol

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