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The process of taking a painful L

*Lowers face into palm*

  1. I (OP)think it was ETH-LAD that was responsible for sending my trip last year spiraling. Horrible body load and vasoconstriction too. That one does not agree with me at all.

  2. When I took it I just experienced nausea and mild hallucinations but felt motion sickness. Strangely enough another chemical called 4-PRO-DMT causes the same effects but with far superior hallucinations. I don’t get the effects from 1P real LSD or anything I tried. I enjoy combining ETH-LAD with mescaline at 1 tab 28 grams dry cactus but not San Pedro. That was an awesome amazing experience I take the cactus then when I feel nauseous take the ETH-LAD and hold it as long as possible but eventually throw up everything. Some reason on mescaline this fixes all my nausea and bad feelings. I wouldn’t touch ETH-LAD by itself though.

  3. I wrote an experience report I don’t think anyone ever read it this was my first experience

  4. Why would you shoot a mythical with a 308 AND brain shot it?!

  5. I don’t know anything about this game I am not sure what that means. Also I only have a 10 gauge that’s bigger and he was far away and got spooked

  6. You shot the animals skull which is considered its trophy organ, since you shot its trophy organ you would have gotten a rather big gold, but instead got a silver. Go for lung shots always pretty much, the occasional heart shot when youre confident about it.

  7. Thanks it’s just I got to track them then I don’t taxidermy them anyway though I still haven’t gotten a lodge yet. I think I figured out why I can’t pass the harvest check for springbok it’s because I use a .308 but now I can’t find springboks also got killed by a pack of buffaloes they head butted me 2 times is death. Why the ARs only have 5 rounds is the game sponsored by the government or something?

  8. Maybe a dancing clown will smoke it? I hear they live down there.

  9. I really like ALD-52 it’s almost the same as LSD but no feeling of panic or paranoid stuff. I have to say though I really like a combination of mushrooms and Syrian Rue seeds it’s not nearly as fun as LSD but something worth checking out. It’s much stronger than regular mushrooms be warned you can have seizures.

  10. It has bones regular wings but strangely enough it’s a Pizza Hut restaurant with a bar in MI.

  11. That’s a British brand of juice, so here in Spain is very normal to see it on stores.

  12. Cool I thought my shop only sold USA brands but I looked on the back it is made in the UK but mine also says sale only allowed in the United States. I guess certain companies can import I’m not sure how the government works but I paid $20 for it. How much is it where you buy?

  13. Didn't know they did 48mg that's overkill wow lool

  14. I’m surprised they restrict the nicotine content in different countries. I like 50mg because it’s a good feeling even disposable ones in the USA are 5.0% nicotine it’s the same as 50mg.

  15. Under 0.3% THC I ate 37.5mg though. I’m waiting to see if affects me I got all 3 150mg bars for under $40 it’s cheaper than the dispensary weeds legal here anyway though.

  16. It’s definitely strong but I don’t know exactly how much it feels different though something like mildly psychedelic about it. I just smoked a bit of delta 8 THC distillate but I feel like my thoughts are slowing down.

  17. Ya it’s ok felt like about 30mg I would recommend it feels as good as regular weed.

  18. I still can’t tell how large it is because you didn’t use a banana. Also, slightly irrelevant but why can’t the fad reverse and something like the nub series get super popular, and why do girls walk around with iPads shoved in the ass pocket of their jeans, the whole “bigger” is better bullshit is pretty annoying, especially in cigars.

  19. I need enough tobacco for my mouth to get super numb tingling feeling it’s one of my favorite things about cigars. It tasted ok and I finished almost the whole thing in about 3 hours.

  20. I’ve tried morning glory seeds but don’t eat the ones sold in stores they often are mixed with toxins to keep the seeds from getting rot or something but it’s not good to eat the Walmart ones unless you grew them your self. Also you want the heavenly blue strain it’s the most potent. However I have tried LSD and LSD analogs like 1P, ALD-52 and ETH-LAD. The seeds will make you throw up and it feels similar to under 100UG of LSD. It’s no where near as powerful however I do enjoy eating them with mescaline. Mescaline will make your nausea go away it makes the bad parts about morning glory go away after you vomit. Have you heard of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds? They also contain lysergic compounds. But honestly I wouldn’t eat the stuff at all if LSD was available it’s way better.

  21. Be careful man it might just have been a weaker batch. I don’t trust street dealers I got stuff laced with fentanyl before.

  22. They don’t really taste super strong it’s strange the ash turns light greenish. I just got them and ran out of 1 3/4 sized raw papers. I really like raw black or elements though I don’t even have filter tips so I save the last bit and smoke the roach from my pipe.

  23. I am afraid to try anything new in a restaurant cause it’s extra expensive and I can’t drink some beer like blue moon I poured half out I don’t really like IPAs but I just wanted something I knew I liked plus I only saw the cheap beer menu so it was mostly light beer I picked from. I only drink light beer when I’m already drunk.

  24. Your first beer at a restaurant and you had a bud? It’s not a bad beer, but it’s so bland and mediocre. I don’t know, it’s a personal taste thing, but imho anything else on tap would be better

  25. It was bottled beer only plus wine and liquor stupidly enough I only looked at the alcohol menu for a second but on the back they had a dark Belgium ale that was 10 ABV to be honest I wanted Coors Banquet but they didn’t have it I got a six pack of IPAs a few months ago but I got a terrible headache after the 5th beer and I drink it to slow I have to sip a IPA it took me like 8 hours to drink all 5 I get an overwhelming bitter flavor that makes me feel ill.

  26. Gosh all you guys and your DPH I wouldn’t touch the stuff but I think the worst experiences from over the counter drugs is Dramamine it’s got the feeling of the flue with hallucinations so vivid it’s impossible to tell them from reality. I love LSD mushrooms DMT mescaline and RC chemicals similar to them but another horrible drug is ETH-LAD it causes me extreme motion sickness but I get sick from roller coasters too I have a low ability already. I will never take DXM again it’s bad also.

  27. I only really like fruit punch watermelon or green apple but I never tried a sour one I tried gold and did not like it. I can’t find a store selling them close to me they are good because you only need one. I mostly just drink 40oz of 8% beverages but in different times I’ll drink a 24oz of Redds or Steel reserve and a 16 oz about an hour later. I wish I could afford liquor but it’s expensive.

  28. You live in Canada? I hear alcohol is expensive but I too have drank extract but I don’t like the taste and am now 21. I preferred home brewing before I was 21 you can brew decent wine from apple juice but it would probably taste better if you put fresh fruit in a fruit press and pasteurized the juice then brewed it. Home brew is usually cheaper than alcohol in the USA.

  29. Honestly the easiest thing to do is get a bucket with a lid lock for brewing or a glass carboy with a stopper you can use apple juice just add a little yeast nutrients to it for a decent ABV some Lalvin yeast can hit 18% with nutrients but never add to much it tastes really bad I add a little less than recommended on the bottle unless it’s mead wine from honey needs it the apple juice already has natural nutrients. But just add a cup of sugar per gallon and get it to dissolve and add yeast then wait till it’s settled down almost no bubbles and transfer to a second bucket with a auto siphon and wait 3 weeks it takes about 6 weeks total to clean up from yeast dropping out. If it was real fruit juice like quality stuff not Mott’s I would age it at least 3 more months in bottles.

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