1. I just got a fountain pen. I like it a lot!! It's been super fun. I have a question about if I was doing something wrong or if it's normal for the pen to have difficulty writing at first if you just laid it flat, or if I'm doing something wrong. I would adjust my grip and the nib's position on the page, but it still has trouble writing. If I put the nib and grip how I usually do it and just draw circles, eventually ink will flow like normal and then it's like perfect. Is it like I'm doing something wrong in storing it/using it or is that just normal? I'm curious owo

  2. It might be drying out. Fountain pens need to be capped when you're not using them, even for a minute, because of how quickly they dry out.

  3. Are universal converters really universal? I have some fountain pens from a brand called Guangbo, but I don't really know if they sell their own converter. It came with cartridges, but I'd like to use it with my own inks.

  4. You mean international converters? No, they only work on brands that take them specifically. They're called "international" because they were the only style adopted by multiple brands. (They were invented by Waterman.)

  5. Just today I stumbled on one of these for sale at an antique mall. $1750 for the player by itself. They also had half a dozen disks you could buy separately.

  6. There are videos showing how these sound on YouTube, e.g.

  7. Very cool! What a beautiful sound!

  8. And it was well earned. His second title composition for the series--Civ VI's

  9. And it sticks to almost anything! It's used in paint designed to cover bad stains (nicotine, grease, soot), and as a sealant on oily wood species that other finishes can't handle.

  10. I discovered The Lord of the Rings in the 90s. Granted, it did well when it was first published in the 50s, and had a steady fan base. But it wasn't popular. It was a nerdy thing people discovered in college, and I was a middle schooler.

  11. Man, we had the BBC Cassette tape rendition on *repeat* in our house. We showed up to the first in *costume* and everyone thought we were crazy. Then the second came out and now it was popular, lol.

  12. You weren't the only ones in costume! There was a couple at the theater I went to that were dressed as their own version of Aragorn and Arwen. Me, I just wore a black t-shirt that I'd written the Ring inscription on in gold puff paint.

  13. What is the mentality behind doing that? Is it some kind of weird kink? An ultimate fuck you? Shits n' giggles? Seriously, I do not comprehend it at all.

  14. They can do what they want and not clean up afterwards. That's my guess.

  15. ...im gonna need some extra explanation for this one

  16. A cloaca is a multi-purpose orifice, handling pee, poo, sex, and birth/eggs. (Birds, reptiles, and amphibians have them.)

  17. It's an architectural style of home. Popular in the US at the start of the 20th century.

  18. My favorite is the coat of arms for George Martin, best known for being the Beatles' producer. The crest is a house martin holding a recorder. It also includes a badge, featuring a zebra holding an abbot's rod crosswise. Or to put it another way, an abbey rod crossing a zebra.

  19. It's good OOP got her to eventually understand and express where her malice was coming from, but I feel OOP being more accurate at the beginning and pointing out Juliet was being an asshole to the other girl would be more helpful than just calling her dramatic.

  20. Yes, "too dramatic" was the wrong angle to take. Women and girls are too often shamed for being "dramatic".

  21. What are you talking about? He's obnoxious and disliked!

  22. Fountain pens, rollerballs, and gel pens all use water-based ink.

  23. I would be dead because I was a nice chunky lad

  24. FYI average newborn weight is around 7lbs. 10lbs would be sufficient to cause problems.

  25. Totally door #1. Left to my own devices I can survive on peanut butter, potatoes and tortilla shells 😂 (Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should)

  26. I read somewhere that potatoes + a protein source (like peanuts) is actually pretty nutritionally complete.

  27. It's perfectly fine to memorize Scriptures in different translations. Why wouldn't it be?

  28. It's Severe Weather Awareness Week, according to the email my company sent out. We just did a tornado drill.

  29. something oddly fitting about them using a derpina pfp. also Please. that or something to push them closer together, it’s like the grand canyon on my chest the way they be going to the side.

  30. Cis woman here, and that's normal. For many women, the cleavage look requires special undergarments.

  31. Another exciting chapter of Things I Assumed Everyone Did Are Associated With Autism, Maybe I Need To Talk To Someone About This

  32. I think this is an issue of degree. Like, it's a normal human thing to bond with inanimate objects, but if you do it to a degree where it affects your life negatively, you may have a problem.

  33. When I started reading this, I pictured him with casts on his legs or with casts on both arms. He can walk around and had use of his other arm? Yeah. No.

  34. Right? I respect that the guy is in pain, but I had my arm in a sling for six weeks once and it didn't stop me from working or doing chores.

  35. Oh, and get the passport application in ASAP.

  36. Yeah, this is your first order of business. They can take months to get, but are good for ten years.

  37. Programmers talking about killing children and their parents be like.

  38. Or the computer languages that use "master" and "slave".

  39. Not in the community but it really doesn't sound that weird. Lots of people make hobbies or even careers out of customizing things, don't see why dolls or other toys should be an exception.

  40. Yeah, I've rehaired several My Little Ponies and knew exactly what they were talking about. Shoot, anybody who played with Barbies or similar dolls growing up should be familiar with the struggle to put a doll's head back on. (They come off so much easier than they go back on. It isn't fair.)

  41. According to Google Translate: "A Plain and Clear Exposition of the Epistle of the Divine Apostle Paul to the Romans". (The Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans is one of the books of the Bible.)

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