1. The random Co leader account is active everyday! The base you attacked was 3 lower than you - you then decided to say someone attacked 12 (your opposite) which wasn’t true. We like to play as a team! Have done for ten years! All you had to do was say you were sorry! You got demoted then kicked ! You had two chances. That’s not power hungry - it’s normal

  2. I attacked. Somebody attacked my recommended so I attacked a base below it. Normally not a problem when the clan doesn’t have to cherry pick bases for a TH7 to get stars in war.

  3. You were 12 - 12 opposite was not attacked! And ciara is a TH8 - and been in this clan 6 years - you took her base - why are you still defending yourself! You are a selfish player You are new to the clan and didn’t even ask! I’m sorry you feel hard done by but you need to take a step back and think - 44 people agree with me!

  4. 8 years?! 😂 It’s whatever, enjoy your wars and same 10 people who carry troop donation numbers. Btw our group donated A LOT of troops, brought not rushed bases, and weren’t liabilities in war.

  5. Ordered 7/30 no shipping yet. I got the NWTS and TAKE CARE shirts. Emailed twice with 0 reply. I will be tagging them on Twitter and Instagram until I hear something.

  6. Would you do $185 for the black pair? Shipping to Atlanta.

  7. Left align | Center align | Right align

  8. DM’d regarding TV SIGNAL - thank you

  9. Yo I’m new to Midtown! Anywhere to get shoes locally?

  10. Anybody receive tracking info on their order? It’s still been radio silence for me aside from the confirmation email.

  11. I guess from lead technical director to crew supervisor, then upper management whose responsibility is equipment etc

  12. Can you expand on this? I realize this is an old thread but as a Lead TD for 2 years now I am starting to wonder where to start looking in terms of what’s next.

  13. Maybe my wife’s boyfriend will let me borrow money to buy some shares. 💪🏽

  14. So do we buy shares of GOOG or GOOGL?

  15. 1.5 but mehh I might trade it for the 3x.

  16. I am not trading my stock, but I just switched the a new 3x and I absolutely LOVE it.

  17. $1,000-1500 and she’s coming home with me.

  18. Do you actually need taillights? I have a pair in my garage after installing Spec Ds.

  19. I have one of these and both the handguard and the seller are high quality.

  20. How were you able to install the hand guard when it came time to lock in the hand guard lever switch. I can’t get it to slide back into the locking position on this handguard.

  21. *MGL triangle pouch *Circle 10 fixed triangle stock *Refinished Polish Fatty-lowtide *ALG Trigger *Jmac break *LevTech African Padauk (wood) *TDI lower//Khyber Customs Upper HG *Krebs ambi safety

  22. How did you go about getting the pistol Grip to fit on the zastava? I’m planning on getting one as well for my m92.

  23. Is that a 40 round bake boi? Looks really long and I feel like I need one.

  24. What top hand-guard is that? Looks sick!

  25. Where did you buy those grips they are 🔥

  26. I literally reconsidered this post about 5 times. I hate posting to gundeals because I always feel like people just rip into everyone.

  27. It may not be the cheapest but it’s great to see it out the door @ .50 per round.

  28. Man I am in love with that pistol grip, may I ask where you got that? That color is remarkable.

  29. I had the exact same experience. Now have the CNC metal brace and it works much better in my opinion.

  30. Would you consider selling your old triangle?

  31. yes,and we should have some more in about a week or maybe two. We had some unexpected delays on these.

  32. Can I sign up for a notification when these shark fins or in stock?

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