1. Issue is it isnt galenas directly. Its elxr. My underatamding is elxr buys their flower feom galenas and then processes it. Not galenas fault that one of their buyers are ass at their job.

  2. It's the other way around. Galenas is only a cultivator(grower). So galenas grows the flower and then they will set up a contract with a processor to produce the elxr items. So in the present case, standard wellness is the processor who takes the gslenas flower and processes it into the items under the elxr brand name. Galenas will pay a fee to the processor who makes these items.

  3. It's now made by standard wellness and you can see that on the product ID label on the product. Cokoh dropped their processing partnership with these guys many months ago

  4. From what I heard from a rep, they got rid of Cure Ohio management, and that's when the reviews on here seemed to get a little better.

  5. Thanks man! I ended up pulling the trigger… 1.68gs of live sugar was too good to pass up for $52! I’m going to guess it’s a older batch for that price.. I’ll find out in a few hours

  6. Daaaaaaamn. That is a sick price, at least with concentrates like sugar when the THCa is isolated, the product will be just fine even after the one year "expiration date" listed on the package. Just keep it closed and in a refrigerator and it's not an issue if you consume it beyond the listed expiration date.

  7. I appreciate the heads up! I'll just open the boxes and see if I find a Griffey or random Bo Jackson or something. Thank you!

  8. Mine is VERY dry, a bit mids tasting, but effects are definitely there, caryophyllene makes it pretty stoney. I might need to get some of those humid packs, very very dry.

  9. Mine was right on the border of being too dry. I'm used to seeing the humidity packs in the cokoh and chizle packages, but this one in particular did not have a pack in it.

  10. Nothing life changing but I certainly can't complain at all!

  11. I got this one and the MeSeeks both. MeSeeks tastes like berries in my opinion. Cokoh guy at a PED said the science pickle is Sour Tsunmai × Sour Cucumber.

  12. I like their sticky buns sugar and skunkberry sugar...had both like 2 months ago

  13. It's up to the dispensary employees to update those images. A friend of mine works the front desk at a dispo, only reason I know this. It's a luster pod in the case of this particular post.

  14. I do like these guys. Like all the other comments, really reliable for the price. I currently enjoy the girl crush, but that skunkberry is always solid. Along with all the other strains mentioned above, grab the Fresh Powder if you see that one.

  15. This process no longer happens at Cure Ohio/Chizle/Cokoh. This was something old management did, but that management team was fired back in March. The "cleaning" process no longer happens and hasn't happened since March. I have a roommate who works there currently and has worked there for 2 years.

  16. Cokoh has some pretty solid flower, especially for their prices. Galactic Runtz is pretty sick, all purple nugs. I had the Milly Grace 2.83 last week and it was a good sativa effect. Kept me moving during the day time.

  17. I see the glass switcheroo. Do you plan on recoloring the OG atomizer grommet or the base? The tether is 10/10

  18. I like the all black look. Might get the black shadow glass at some point.

  19. What cap is that on the peak? And what’s the knife for? I’ve seen em advertised but don’t get it

  20. The Peak Pro has the stock Puffco Pro ball cap, stock black tether.

  21. Right there with ya … got mine a couple weeks ago and simply enjoying the original piece. I’m sure at some point I’ll get a new chamber or something to add to it but for now no problems with using it how it came 👍

  22. The stock OG is definitely worth it, and I typically smoke at home by myself a lot, so I don't need a big chamber, etc. Simple and easy.

  23. Just placed an order myself. Excited to feel the difference. I've been modding my OG Peak almost like a 98 Honda Civic. The right additions and the OG can hang with the modded out Peak Pros. Thanks for making these caps.

  24. This was one of my first purchases in the program about 8 months ago. Love this strain. I haven't had a bad buy yet from Certified tbh. Stay lit!

  25. One of my favorite strains. I've had this in California, Colorado, and Massachusetts from rec places and I've got a jar of this at home from Butterfly Effect. Pretty sure this strain is as solid as can be, haven't had a bad smoke from any of the SLH I've ever purchased, in Ohio or elsewhere. Stay lit!

  26. I appreciate the input. We seem to agree on enjoying the throat hit you refer to. I've heard good things about the tallymon. I'll just have to try some rosin and see how it goes!

  27. All of the rosin I’ve had from our program has been super dry/crumble consistency, yet still great. Surprisingly though, I had some cresco Rollins live resin badder that was some of the best tasting concentrate I’ve tried in the program (still a bigger fan of Golden Goat by Wellspring Fields) and the effects were also solid, not to mention being a badder consistency. Beat out even Sour Papaya Rosin by FS in taste in my opinion. So honestly for the big price difference, if you can find some of that I’d recommend it.

  28. Nice! I've seen people mention the Sour Papaya, might have to see if I can find that. I've always liked live resin but I've just seen more talk of rosin lately. I always forget about Cresco.

  29. @JohnCoughy, I've tried their Skunkberry and Fresh Powder and I'm a fan of both. Not sure why people are so crazy against sampling growers and trying a less expensive flower. I appreciate your post!

  30. One of my personal favorites, good choice. Kings Muatache and the Dos i Dos × Gelato are both nice as well.

  31. Me too!!! I think gelato is one of my favorite strands out there especially when you go mixing it with something like cake or cookies.

  32. I agree! Buckeye Relief has a Dos-i-do and Gelato that I'm a big fan of too! Stay lit and be well.

  33. I really like the Fresh Powder from them too. It's a solid sativa that really got covered in crystals a few days after opening the jar.

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