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  1. O2L says:

    I have both Amazon Music and Apple Music, anyone have any idea if ATMOS will sound better on one vs. the other or will they be identical?

  2. Sonos told the verge that apple and Amazon use different codecs for Atmos but also that they’ve done a ton of work to make sure the end-user experience on Sonos is identical.

  3. O2L says:

    Oh interesting. Thanks for the info, I guess it’ll come down to which playlists i prefer then.

  4. O2L says:

    What kind of display/monitor shelf/riser is that?

  5. I also had a hard time reliably hitting the arrow keys (esp. the down arrow, which I need to hit without fishing for it). I tossed a line into an AutoHotkey script (for me, Ctr + Space was the most convenient to mimic down arrow). You can assign macros through the Nuphy console, I think, although I haven't tried it. Really liking the Air96, as well.

  6. O2L says:

    Also got the same one and also finding the same issue with the arrows (and num pad).

  7. O2L says:

    I would love to have this feature for the exact same reason of cyclical insomnia-induced-stress-induced-insomnia that you described.

  8. O2L says:

    Unbreak my fart

  9. O2L says:

    What really matters is that my fave mulitas in the city can be found next to that Public Storage at night - Tacos El Chidoooooooo!

  10. O2L says:

    Crazy timing, I beat it earlier tonight too! I was absolutely blown away, just as I was back when the original came out. Can’t wait to jump into the Yuffie expansion!!

  11. O2L says:

    This comment made me laugh. Thank you.

  12. O2L says:

    I have the exact same sticker on my ps1!

  13. O2L says:

    I second this comment!!

  14. O2L says:

    Is this a Lagotto?

  15. O2L says:

    I don’t have kids, but seems like a handful replying in here do and run into similar problems. Why don’t you all add each other and have your kids play together?

  16. O2L says:

    Hide y’a kids, hide y’a wife

  17. For anyone who doesn’t know what this person is talking about or feels like this is an exaggeration, you all have no idea the level AI has gotten to. Like the public is not ready to know how good AI art has gotten, it’s mind blowing.

  18. O2L says:

    Which AI did you use to generate these?

  19. O2L says:

    That carpet 😻. And what’s the deal with the second have open NES?

  20. My bf was using it for a project. He made synthesizer software for driving the sound chip on the NES. It utilized a Everdrive N8 with a USB connection that wouldn't fit with the top on.

  21. O2L says:

    BOBOVR x100!!! I returned the official one, this one is muuuuch better.

  22. O2L says:

    Link for the Spider-Man one please and thanks!

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