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  1. O2L says:

    Link for the Spider-Man one please and thanks!

  2. O2L says:

    !RemindMe 7 days

  3. O2L says:

    $650 for my 2021 car

  4. O2L says:

    What kind of car is this?

  5. Haha, this is my first time having anything darker than 20% or having front windshield tint

  6. O2L says:

    What state are you in? Any issues with the cops?

  7. O2L says:

    Thank you. Also in Cali and have been wanting to tint but worried. I also have been driving without front plate and so far no issues a year in

  8. O2L says:

    Thanks for all of these! Just subbed to your Yt

  9. As long as we're planning ahead for a trip away from civilization, add a can of gas to the 'carry along' list.

  10. O2L says:

    Oh good call, that’ll make the fire much easier to start. 🧐

  11. O2L says:

    What should he do if he sees a red door?

  12. I live where summer gets quite hot (over 30c) and winters get quite cold (under -30c). Houses just make cracking noise all year long. With all that thermal expansion/contraction it just keeps on making huge cracking noise as if a stud just broke. But the house was built 40 years ago, still standing.

  13. O2L says:

    Nice work on the hitch, great clean install!

  14. O2L says:

    Lots of whopping happening

  15. O2L says:

    Two CFL legends

  16. O2L says:

    While you really shouldn’t be sleeping at the wheel, it’s still rude of her to wake you up!

  17. O2L says:

    I read through the entire thing and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  18. O2L says:


  19. We had a teacher dump a cup of ice water on the head of the Cartman in my class for defending Hitler and slavery. He now sells blood diamonds to D-list rappers like NLE Choppa.

  20. O2L says:

    That’s quite the occupational pivot for a teacher!

  21. O2L says:

    Big Bang Theory. It’s not funny. It’s fucking terrible.

  22. O2L says:


  23. Cautiously optimistic. It has a chance to be incredible, but I've yet to see a flatscreen game come to VR that actually plays and looks good.

  24. O2L says:

    Have you tried Resident Evil 4?

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