1. First time i passed that place was on a PCT Lash starting June 6 at Campo in 1996. Totally didnt see the eagle; it was dusk in my defense. An incredible stretch there.

  2. Adidas woven shorts. No liner. Zippered front pockets. Very UL.

  3. Ok. So this is just north of Sierra City. Its disturbing when i dont immediately recognize a spot on the PcT, its so ingrained.

  4. Great candy flavor on those hard shells

  5. It all starts with some dreaming and pondering. The process is good.

  6. I would say have some sort of windshirt because when your jacket wets out you dont get wind chilled. I have an AGG silnylon non-breathable. I may get sweaty in it if i cant vent enough through the pit zips but at least i can zip up and generate some heat underneath.

  7. U should take a look at the Pedco ultrapod mini. I still carry it to this day. Been using since 2006 when the selfie wasnt yet coined, in conjuction with a timer. Its still real light but you will need a secondary clamp to attach to the ultrapod if u will use with a smart phone. Its primary attachment is a screw- the sort that SLRs have. Amazon has the ultrapod.

  8. Watermelon. Used to get 50 of them for $1 back in the late 70s early 80s. (Or 100 mini swedish fish for a dollar also)

  9. My grandma used to make syrup out of rose pedals. The flavor and smell was amazing. Wouldnt mind seeing that in a candy.

  10. Several 22F nights in 2019. 50mph days. 3 day storms twice. Snow and sleet. And some hot days too and some nice nights as well but the weather runs the gamut. I definitely wasnt prepared. A glorious thru-hike regardless.

  11. I'm struggling between this and the Plex Solo for my upcoming CDT thru. The Pro is heavier but more comfortable space-wise, and while I'm very familiar with the Plex because it sets up just like the Hexamid I had, the Hexamid fell apart. Gonna have to puzzle it out by tomorrow morning.

  12. After a lot of flip-flopping, I've settled on giving the X-Mid a go. The only downsides are about three ounces and the fact that it uses two poles (I've snapped and lost a few poles on thrus so it has me a little anxious), but after reflecting back on how unpleasant the Hexamid was in heavy rain or snow and the condensation issues I had dealing with the tight configuration, I think the X-Mid will be a better fit for me on this particular thru.

  13. I have had 3 zpacks shelters but sold/returned them. Too much bulk plus weight penalty in the Duplex ans still possible not enough length. Hex pocket tarp with doors would have been too small for me at 6 feet and tough in and out. And this xmid is similar to the plex solo but tons tons better. Its been a long time coming.

  14. I ditched the tarp. I realized I don’t have the interest or motivation to become awesome at pitching it well in high stress / weather situations. I really loved the tarp for sunny weather but then why bother at all? Anyways, I am also an idiot and the xmid is now my shelter of choice. I blame Dan, the enabler.

  15. I have had shaped tarps and flat tarps. I used the 8.6x8.6 on the Colorado Trail and while I did ok wit it there was this one time the heavens opened and I couldn’t put it up——knot tangling issues. In ok weather it would have been fine but not that day. But there happened to be this yurt nearby. I did sell it as there’s no hope for good guyline management. After that I had a Haven tarp and it being shaped made things easier.

  16. What up with the jelly belly logo? Fruit gems are so much more fun that jelly belly plus I'm sick of corporate monopoly. Also fuvk nestle.

  17. Corporate acquisition i figure.

  18. That is a tough one. Maybe id think that theyre shrunken down all around a tad? I would think they were thicker and correspondingly a bit larger.

  19. What Apple TV needs is to give ‘Up Next’ its entire own section.

  20. If you’re looking for this thing, the “Just Watch” app has this type of functionality where you can play your saved movies and tracked shows directly from and connect through the appropriate streaming service. It’s free.

  21. Apple’s newest version “Up Next” on the Apple TV TVos 6.2 is positively, absolutely, decidedly horrible.

  22. I think “melon” like cantaloupe. Asian markets.

  23. But are the sleeves long enough? The eternal question..

  24. I usually wear a large and from USA montbell id need an XL (tight in chest). So i returned it. Now prices are $50 more. Sleeve length was ok.

  25. I agree with you 100%. It looks terrible and theyre idiots for implementing such a stupid design.

  26. Its helpful to know how tall a person owning a Plex solo, being 6 foot myself. (Dont own either) Thinking also the the little things done better in a Durston xmid pro 1 person (whenever it is released) will be the best of the 3.

  27. I haf the last version of Torjn Plush and they were really soft and comfortable. I couldnt move on with the non-plush Torins after that and went onto Paradigms and another one that starts witt P. Definitely not as plush. Maybe the 7’s will be good. They come like june july.

  28. All the jelly belly stuff is really well done- raspberries, fruit gems, jelly beans. Nothing comes close in that department.

  29. Almond snickers were incredible. It hurts to see tjat theyre discontinued

  30. I like these retrospective questions. I wish I had kept a list because there were some terrible ones. Like those strawberry cream gummies; so forgetful that I can’t remember what they were called.

  31. Saint Christopher coin! Sweet! You can get a rosary at any Catholic bookstore - I have one that weighs 0.18oz I guess about 5 grams. That, and the Catalyst great choices! I like the ULA rain kilt also- keeps you warm and dry where needed but does flap a bit. I had the ULA shoulder pocket on a trip but really disliked how it bulged out and dumped it as soon as I could. I have a lower profile thing now by chicken tramper which is flatter. Nitecore NU25 is awesome. Best headlamp ever! I think a wind shirt is one of my favorite pieces of gear. Great that you have one. It can get you through dips in temperature and obviously gusty winds.

  32. I do believe there's an alternate, but it would probably require some road walking. Having also done Katahdin's Knife Edge, Grays spine is significantly more sketchy... so...yeah...

  33. I’m glad I asked you——thanks very much!

  34. You can just take the Horseshoe Basin route up (if nobo) or down (if sobo) on the south side of Grays. This entirely circumvents the knife edge ridge line on the main CDT route.

  35. I really appreciate it. Thanks for that info.

  36. Whatever they did to eliminate a photo still of shows I’m watching “up next” and substitute it for the junk they’re peddling is criminal.

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