1. I mean, what is there to hype exactly? It's the same cars, drivers, teams, tracks as ever. Even if you had a brilliant marketing department you're not exactly giving them much to work with.

  2. Everyone on Reddit over 30 thinks they are some beacon of fashion knowledge and should only spend $10 on a tee and shorts and everything else is overpriced and disgusting is tiring…

  3. Its because we learned lessons in our youth, and you will too.

  4. Hot take - I'd rather give Josef a shot at F1 than bring Hulk back.

  5. I truly believe that the only reason Josef Newgarden was never hailed as the next great American racing driver is because of how his name is spelled. The results are all there, he has a precise F1 friendly driving style, he's media savvy... It should have been a slam dunk.

  6. Opened her up like a tent-flap and just walked out

  7. tldr: Navy will probably take you back in a heartbeat and it’s a pretty simple and fast process. Might have to take a reduction in pay, but you get to keep TIR at the lower pay grade and can immediately take the next advancement exam upon entering the Reserves, so time your enlistment to match the window.

  8. They say they probably can't get me CTR, and would have to knock me down to E-3. Not off to a great start.

  9. The Personnel Manual says two paygrade reductions are for people who have been out for greater than ten years. Depending on when you got out in 2013, you might still only be at 9 years and could squeak by with only one paygrade reduction if you’re fast. Conversely, there’s an option to submit a waiver to remain at the paygrade you held at discharge, but in order to be granted it you have to show proof that you have performed duties related to you rate and prior rank for at least twelve months prior to reenlistment.

  10. Hey, thanks for all of the info. I've got a meeting with a prior service recruiter scheduled tomorrow where we'll get the meps process started, then when all my options are laid out for me I'll start to make a decision.

  11. When I first joined this sub back in 2018 it wasn't nearly this bad. Discussion was generally positive and everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. We were all here because we loved IndyCar, and we were happy to have people to share it with.

  12. Honestly, I'm more disappointed in all the fans who just seem to be fine with the series stagnating. Like OP. Trying to tamp down the passion of the fanbase simply because you can't handle conflict is dumb.

  13. My techs and I disagree wholeheartedly with that first take. One of the techs has flat out said, “people bring me Gibsons and I turn them into instruments”

  14. You have multiple guitar techs? Who do you think you are, the edge?

  15. I think it gets problematic when gear snobs look down on you because your pedal is an affordable re-pro or copy and they're a big part of why the prices of the "real" ones are overinflated in the first place. Like you have a Big Muff and it works fine but they're saying it's not a real Big Muff and then they brag about owning 30 of the real deal. Like cool man, good for you?

  16. This mindset is purely internalized insecurity. No one is "looking down on" anyone because of what's on their pedalboard.

  17. I ate a jumbo honey bun for breakfast, 5-7 bars+handfuls of trail mix through the day, then 2 packets of instant potatoes+salmon or tuna for dinner basically every day. Additionally, I ate "morale food" like candy or chips or whatever whenever I felt like I needed it, usually once a day. I lost ~25 lbs total, but this kept me pretty well fueled.

  18. At least pitcher wins reflect an actual win that really happened on the field, as opposed to a theoretical win that could have possibly been achieved as compared to a theoretical different player who doesn't exist.

  19. If this were the Brewers sub, they would be complaining about the quality of the brat and making death threats to the owner.

  20. Unfortunately McLaughlin is in line this year for Indycar's patented Inexplicable Step Backwards, a la Rossi and Herta and Harvey and Grosjean and to some extent Pato.

  21. Shit I'm betting Rossi all day at those odds. New team=good chance to rekindle past success. Plus you know he's good at the speedway.

  22. Insane. This is what happens when the government won't subsidize public transportation. Compare this to the ferry system in the Seattle area...

  23. I'm seriously all for funding public transportation, but those two things aren't even remotely comparable in regards to scope and necessity.

  24. uj/ All you fucking Poindexter's are positively cringeworthy. This is a circlejerk sub for fucks sake, not the place for your treatise on 11k vs 13k pickups

  25. Don’t forget the unenthusiastic “….. anddd we will see you tomorrow night” as David Freese, whom.. nobody knew before October 2011….. hits one of the biggest runs in baseball history, capping off just about one of the biggest clutch moments in sports history.

  26. That call fucking blew. How he doesn't have the conviction to just call it, and waits for it to land despite it being a no doubter. Cowardly call.

  27. Brock Holt is the great baseball player of all time and I will hear no other arguments

  28. Brock Holt played for my favorite baseball team and was hot fucking dogshit.

  29. I don't think I've ever seen a player so totally impotent at the plate.

  30. I mean - the fucking bear you saw. What you're eating for dinner, your sick ass new pack. The inside joke of how you got your trail name. I dunno, anything but how you think we're gonna fail our thru hikes?! Like number one rule on the trail, don't be negative to other hikers.

  31. Yeah I dunno man, I think you might just be projecting some internalized insecurity here.

  32. Well I don't like the country being 30 trillion in debt, and the money I make going to taxes paying off the interest of the massive unpayable debt. I think that's where some of the hate comes from, oh and also how inflation has killed the middle class and forced them to gamble their money if they ever want to retire.

  33. Ok Timmy, now go play outside with your friends. Grown ups are talking.

  34. I firmly believe it’s the other way around. I know lots of people who would be happy to change how they vote if there was another viable option. It seems like the establishment is the thing that doesn’t want to change. Too much money and power in place already.

  35. Here's a hypothetical. How many people do you know would trade universal healthcare for the elimination of social security? Or a nationwide ban on abortion for increased public transit funding? Or gun control for slashing corporate taxes?

  36. It's an intentionally exaggerating hypothetical. Because the smooth brained denizens of this sub don't understand what either compromise or nuance are.

  37. "still going" are you pretending 3 of them aren't dead or that they've actually had a good album in the last 30 years?

  38. Exactly. I don't consider a giggable instrument to be "cheap" or "cheap crap".

  39. If you're worried about value for dollar then just set the guitar up and have regular nickel frets.

  40. What's the difference between that and plastic? That it's matte?

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