1. Just remember we ALL started out making stuff like that! Practice practice practice

  2. If you have delta waves you may have WPW Syndrome, which would explain the SVT.

  3. Our toddler needed glue on a cut on their face and the ER doctor used a sheet to swaddle her to keep her arms down. She keeps saying “I don’t want to get wrapped up again” 😂

  4. They did this to my son too! Poor thing kept saying “all done!” hoping that would make it stop. ☹️

  5. Is there a guide to different fiber types and what kind to use for certain projects? (Like cotton vs wool vs acrylic vs blends.) I’d love to read up on it!

  6. The image is showing stretchy mucus and should be considered peak type mucus.

  7. We’re pretty sure my family had adenovirus like 2 months ago, and it seemed to take FOREVER to go away. We got the pink eye, GI upset, cold symptoms, the works. We’re all better now, but yeah it was rough for a while. Hang in there.

  8. Just curious, why are you trying to differentiate? When TTA if there's discharge, it's considered potentially fertile.

  9. Some women (such as myself) have no dry days at all. They have vaginal slough every day and have to differentiate between that and fertile cervical mucus. When I was doing Creighton, my instructor would change my protocol so that “pasty, sticky” discharge was a yellow stamp instead of a fertile day, first post-peak but eventually pre-peak too after enough cycles had shown a pattern.

  10. Yea, in Billings this is called your basic infertile pattern and it's totally a thing (i also have a non-dry BIP.)

  11. Then I’m confused by your statement that “if there’s discharge it’s considered potentially fertile.”

  12. I really suggest looking into the marquette method. you use urine tests, but only once per day, first thing in the morning, for just part of your cycle.

  13. This is very serious. You need to be getting proper wound care on this.

  14. How serious is it? To be honest thats a picture we took months ago. We haven't been able to go to hospital due to being in a lot of debt.

  15. I can’t tell you how serious it is because I haven’t seen the wound as it looks today.

  16. God bless you. You did the right thing, even though it hurts like hell right now. Prayers for you, friend. May your pain be united to Christ on the cross.

  17. Because he’s a predator preying on young, naive women.

  18. Oh that gives me a lot of hope maybe she’ll finally get the hang of it after her revision next month! Her sleeping on her own is a blessing in disguise you’re right as much as I want those snuggly contact naps I don’t ever have to worry about sleeping unsafely with her.

  19. My daughter had a revision too!! It took her a LONG time to figure out how to latch after it, unfortunately. It probably didn’t have to take as long as it did, but I decided to exclusively pump (and not triple feed) for the sake of my mental health. One day she needed a nap but just wouldn’t go down and was inconsolable. So I figured, what the heck, whipped out a boob, put her on it, and she latched!!! I’ll just say, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any improvement in her latch for a few weeks. My daughter started nursing at 4.5 months; she is now 11 months old and still nursing.

  20. That’s amazing!! We are practicing every day as much we can both manage to get ready and I’m prepared to keep the triple feeding up for another couple months if need be. My mother is a godsend and spends every week day with us to help me with bottle feeding. I couldn’t do it without her help though.

  21. For sure!! I have a toddler as well so I quickly decided I could pump but that was it. Husband helped as much as he could, but he works full time.

  22. I was a DD pre-pregnancy (no idea what I am now. Something huge). At my highest supply, I could pump 18-20 oz in one sitting.

  23. Use that hospital pump!! Your milk will still come in.

  24. I just want to say that if my husband or I say “I cheated on you,” that means “I got Chick-fil-A without you.”

  25. Step 1: Stop thinking that you “need” a woman. You are a whole person all by yourself.

  26. I am triggered and I’m just an RN on a cardiac tele floor.

  27. Well, those medications are pills. She’s ventilated. She may be on a heparin drip instead of Eliquis. If you’re confused about the medicines she’s getting, ask her nurse.

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