1. Considering what she was fed/ate this is not ok. This seems mad disturbing vs. accidental.

  2. I can see how it seems that way but I would bet my life that my wife isn’t doing this intentionally. She is super proactive on my daughter’s health and felt so bad about the gluten exposures. My wife is asymptomatic to gluten exposures while my daughter reacts terribly.

  3. Perhaps that is why she hasn’t taken the most basic aspect to heart; reading the FRONT of a package? Even if she is asymptomatic she’s destroying herself from the inside out.

  4. Most medications do not have gluten BUT I’ve noticed many supplements do. That being said, they should’ve checked and their system should’ve alerted them. (Not sure what country you are in) I’m so sorry this happened and do not be mad at yourself. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I haven’t had these flavors but the ounces or lack there of is sad

  6. I wanna replicate their recipe! I made my own siete cassava flour tortillas! And to be quite honest they were way better and way cheaper lol ! :)

  7. I saw! I totally sent your post to my friend and saved it! Thank you!

  8. Rice, potatoes, veggies, fruit, meat. (Nothing prepackaged to start) As far as prepackaged in the US it’s tricky, because it isn’t just wheat but natural flavors, maltodextrin, processed in a facility with…, and so much more.

  9. And if buying pre packaged make sure to find “certified gluten free” and not just “gluten free”. I made so many accidents when I started. It’s more expensive but before you know it it’ll be the norm. I get my bread, yogurt, crackers and other big items from Costco.

  10. This is fantastic, because I have a similar story. I grew loving and eating anything I wanted without issues. When I got older I noticed I was more bloated, gassy, etc. I attributed it to just getting older despite not even being middle aged. As the months went on I got worse and worse symptoms especially after eating. I had so many ER visits I knew I was becoming a regular for abdominal pain and severe nausea. They could never find anything diagnostically and referred me to GI who gave me a blow off excuse of IBS and told me to cut my favorite foods like coffee, tomatoes, etc. I’ll be honest I barely tried and it didn’t help at all. One night my now husband made me a broccoli stir fry and I had the worst pain and nausea of my entire life. I misdiagnosed with a bowel obstruction (I assume by green vomit despite be saying it wasn’t pure bile until it went on long enough) and my bloating and other symptoms (CT showed nothing). I stayed the night (technically like 5 hours) and left with no answers but I had no symptoms. I had one more we visit after that was more mild but I remember the nurse told me to drink apple juice and crackers before I left to make sure I was ok. Sure enough I puked but luckily it was a few bites so I was discharged. I decided to just eat safe foods like potatoes and rice and water. I told my doctors literally this is all I can eat and no one listened. My husband turned to me after looking at his phone and said it’s gluten! At that point I was like at this point I’ll try anything—it worked and my symptoms never came back unless I accidentally ingested gluten. We’re both in the medical field and we still talk about it.

  11. I should mention after our “study” and it working my doctors finally ordered an endoscopy, but covid shutdown all nonessential surgical procedures. Just remember an official test is never needed unless something in your life will change because of the answers. You already solved your problem and thankfully you can live a better life.

  12. Also I have never heard of respiratory involvement but I’m no expert on gluten intolerance

  13. If you can’t find this my go to is Aldi but it’s seasonal.

  14. Help me... I'm still new to this. One of these made me sick. Where did I go wrong??

  15. Natural flavor is a no go as well as “processed in a facility”

  16. Basically lack of detail. The word natural when used with food is the US is vague,

  17. We have them but they are $7 and I refuse to pay that much.

  18. Glad I got to enjoy them once or twice. Lol. I was looking to try the new mint flavor and I saw the prices and was like woahhh no way

  19. was it an acute failure? i hope you are fine now

  20. Honestly weddings are extremely expensive for the couple. Just eat before you go. Don’t cause more stress for them especially if they are gluten-eating bc they may not understand or set it as a priority. Also it’s their wedding and not yours.

  21. I disagree. I’m GF and asked all my guests. No one else was GF and manyyyyy didn’t understand why I took it so seriously. So u less they are good friends of yours take it with a grain of salt AND on top of that you have to trust a catering company that is catering to gluten people.

  22. When you book a flight and if it offers a meal or snack you can choose gluten free at time of booking. Delta food was average at best.

  23. They also offered me a gluten cookie after my gluten free meal; thankfully I asked. (International Flight)

  24. From my understanding most people are prescribed 200mg daily. Either way, make sure you get your eyes checked by ophthalmology (full exam); you may need a referral since it’s more towards medication toxicity

  25. Now if only we were friends and you could bring desserts and I could make bomb lattes.

  26. LES? Is this an autocorrect for SLE? If you mean active and uncontrolled I personally would wait until you are stable.

  27. If you look up tdap and the manufacturer you can find all the information needed. Also as a friendly reminder don’t ever administer if you haven’t done you research first. Rights of medication administration…

  28. I took the nclex, passed, and took off a month. I applied for my nurse gig before I graduated nursing school.

  29. Do you have an opthal? History of allergies or dry eyes? How is your blood pressure?

  30. TIA can last a few mins to hours but resolve within 24 hours (give or take). Contact your doctor.

  31. Hey Doc why the aspirin daily? I’ve been told for raynauds but do you have another reason for that suggestion? -Nurse

  32. Sulfa meds aren’t the greatest for lupus patients per research, because they can potentially cause a flare. I have taken them once or twice on my life without issues; cleared up the infection. Our bodies are all so different making lupus the disease even more complicated. Definitely talk to your doctor.

  33. Def ask for some anti nausea medications. FYI some cause constipation so ask what is best for you to help with that too. Lastly, look at what you can eat—any trends? Something like this happened to me but just rice and potatoes. Turned out I could no longer tolerate gluten.

  34. Did u cook it in the oven? I found the two real good foods are way better in the oven

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