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  1. Thank you for the much needed information on this combo, exactly the set I wanted to get.

  2. Same thing happened to me couple day ago. Weird design to be honest. Will be visiting the Leica store soon

  3. Well one is full frame and the other is crop. Beside that how much weather sealing do you need? Megapixel wouldn’t be an issue between the 3 to be honest. 24mp with a good lens is more than enough. Even with professional work. Other than that, it is really down to your needs but tbh I wouldn’t go back to crop sensor, just not worth it

  4. Zeiss Planar is extremely sharp. Love it and probably still going to keep it even when upgrading from the M10 to M11

  5. I had both the Sigma 24-70 and the Sigma Leica 24-70 lens. Apart from the built quality they are the exact same lens. I did some side by side tests last year and couldn't find any differences apart from that the Leica version is a bit sharper across the frame, the Sigma a tiny bit more in the center. They do draw basically the same image (I do not think both lenses have the "Leica look"), colors are the same, AF is the same but maybe a bit louder on the Sigma.

  6. Thank you very much for the much needed comparison 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 not many have the two for comparison

  7. Although the Q series are well built if compared with any other brands. It does not hold a candle to the M series, much easier to be dented, scratch off the paint and also the most annoying things I’ve found is that it get oiled up very quickly. Not sure about the reporter edition. M series are the ones that you can get the joy out of perfecting your handling, Q would be my 2nd choice camera for care free family occasions shooting

  8. My only concern about the SL2 for street would be weight. It's a chunky piece of kit, the lenses ain't dainty and it soon adds up to a hefty kit bag. Gorgeous camera, but for street, it's a workout

  9. That’s so true. But then again, the upper body needs work out as much as the lowers when doing street photography, I guess 😅

  10. The SL2 with a zoom will be a hefty street setup, especially if you’re used to an M. I keep the SL close by around the house, with either the 24-90 or 50 Lux SL mounted, for quick and easy family documentary. Those lenses are also used occasionally outside of the home for school events, otherwise, I love the SL with the longer, faster M primes.

  11. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the SL system, I was thinking about doing more flexible street photography without getting too close with the 35mm and 75 is too much that my eyesight can handle. Also family occasions with bunch of my little nieces and nephews is quite a task for an M. I tried, it works fine with zone focusing during day time but it was a workout indoor shooting wide open 😅

  12. M10 and Zeiss 50mm or 35mm could be something very interesting. Zeiss lens are sharp and compact. I didn’t like Voigtlander as they often get too soft and heavy vignettes wide open.

  13. That’s just a screen protector my friend. Lucky you. My suggestion is to buy another one if it happened once it can happen twice. Just a precaution

  14. It's weird for people to say that OP should or shouldn't by Leica as first camera. For me the M is my second camera with Fuji as my first, got bored quickly after 1 month. Imo, if excitement and experience is key, M series are the way to go. Despite it being manual focus, you will learn how to frame, choose setting and how to operate with not much assistance. That was fun and challenging. Tried the Q2, the images is lovely and so easy to use, but the shutter sound, aluminum build is no match against the M. Anw, just try it out first at your local Leica store, rent them out for a day or two and find your perfect match. SL is great system as well, but too big to carry around for simple walk or trip coffee shops

  15. 3k for the original Q is a bit too much tbh. Great camera but used Q2 can be found for cheaper price

  16. Wondering where you look for used cameras? I’ve just been looking online and really can’t find anything much below 3000 for the Q

  17. Ebay from highly rated seller from HongKong is often the best bet or local Leica store. You can also order from Leica Miami, etc. $3k for the Q is way too much imo assuming you are talking in USD

  18. I'm a simple man, I see boobs I upvote. The more the merrier so 2nd one Jk aside, the 2nd one has more emotions, more passion and "break free" attitude whereas the first one focus on the model

  19. The build quality between the two are much different. The Q2 is great but the M10 is excellent. Q2 produce great images but the experience is bland. The shutter is too quiet. IMO I think the M series will give you an experience like no other while the Q can be considered as an upgrade from casual shooting with phones, great images and super convenient but not the best experience, it would be a great choice as 2nd body with a superb lens.

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