Oshi no Ko - Episode 6 discussion

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  1. The quantity of the series has dropped immensely. Kunigasa priotizing romance, and harem baiting instead of telling an actual psychological coherent story.

  2. Some of these things are misleading with little to no context provided, but I agree with kiyo being a terrible boyfriend.

  3. Can we make one for the moving screen while we’re at it?

  4. Why? It depends if the refs wants to call a moving screen or not. Same with carrying

  5. Nah it should result in just a technical so it will discourage player from flopping in the first place

  6. "We should accept mental illness" mfs when a fictional character displays signs of mental illness:

  7. I attempted to read a few series using this garbage app... no thanks, I'd rather drop series than give them statistics.

  8. Some people are not cut for the public eye. Could have been prevented by not participating in the first place.

  9. OCASM is getting downvoted because their comment is superficial and completely ignores the context, meaning there is no logic to it at all. In other words, the statements are pointless.

  10. Nothing he said was wrong. Akane isn't suited for the entertainment business, as she was too sensitive the the backlash she gotten.

  11. Somebody hasn’t been paying attention to free agency lol. “Prioritize our defense” we’ve literally made one draft pick so far still plenty of players left

  12. We only sgin 2 defensive player that are starter level. I don't mind taking a rb but considering our 5th round rb had 1k in his rookie season we could of waited for the 3rd or 2nd to take one. Idk just my thought

  13. So what did we do during tge offseason?

  14. Sign two starting defenders (bates and campell) and below average defensive players (not including our resigns)

  15. We can’t send allgeier and 32 year old Patterson out there every down and expect neither to get hurt. Imo this only helps since both Patterson and Bijan have the ability to split out and catch the ball.

  16. I'm not a fan of this pick. He could be great but our defense has suck ass all year. Running backs in my opinion are the most replaceable position in football. And above average offense line and blocking would make legit any rb look decent.

  17. Because he's a foul baiter and has terrible passing vision!

  18. A whole lot of cardio 😤😤😤🥵🥵🥵🏃‍♂️💨💨💨💨💪💪💪💪

  19. i hope he goes somewhere where they’re able to utilize his game more

  20. Alot of people are switching up on bridges acting like he hasn't been the best player in this series so far

  21. People are so reactionary to high volume 3 point variance. Joe shot 42% from 3 on the season. Seth shot 40%. That’s why they’re in the game. They space the floor. You want them shooting if they’re on the floor.. sometimes they just don’t go in! That’s literally the modern NBA.

  22. The fact you think Steph taught Trae to shoot a flat shot tells me all I need to know.

  23. Fr bro has been glazing trae to the max. Curry taught trae how to shoot below 40% last offseason 😹😹😹

  24. trae is struggling we all know that but collins and hunter need to step up cuz their matchups tatum and brown are kicking their asses. they will never do better than them but they cant go 10/30 3/17 that’s unacceptable from your starting wings while also playing terrible defense

  25. I mean what did you expect from this matchup ? Tatum and brown are ♾️ times the players that hunter and Collins hope to ever been. Hunter and Collins are simply dogshit players that should be in a Shanghai sharks uniform as we speak.

  26. ok but they missing wide open shots with 0 pressure on them. trae can have the greatest game ever it aint gonna matter if those 2 continue to play like ass

  27. Thats my point they aren't going to play any better. I'm not asking trae to drop 50 nor do we expect trae to win this series single Handly. Hunter and Collins are replaceable. Trae on the other hand is our franchise player. He's the future of this team, I want him to act like he's the best player on this team and not make me question if he's a championship level players. My expectation are simply higher for trae.

  28. Are we just going to ignore DJ having 11 points on 11 shots. Downvote me all you want but dejounte is a fucking scrub

  29. Deadass bro the spurs fleeced us. I'm tired of dejounte preaching about playing with momentum when he's building a sky scrapper out here

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