1. When did you order these I’m waiting for my qc and I wonder how long it takes and also GL

  2. Ordered these 5/27, GL 5/30, Shipped 6/03, should be another week or so and they should be to the toe

  3. What is the NER terp? Never seen that one. I haven't seen this strain in Columbus yet either.

  4. I’ve freeze dried my buds before and didn’t really prefer the consistency or taste personally. I did a sided by side comparison with nugs from the same plant half freeze dried and half dried normally for 14 days at 60F/60RH.

  5. What’s the point of posting these pics while you’re in your car? Just curious.

  6. Cause I’m baking this bitch out as we speak. Focus on the bag and not the Stang 🐎

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